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    October 28

  • For the past six years, our Co-Founder, Robert Delamere, has attempted to connect two seemingly incompatible worlds: that of the stage and that of the digital world we all inhabit.

    Today, Digital Theatre Plus – our education service – provides curated access to the arts for more than 3 million students in sixty countries. It is the world’s largest arts distribution platform.

    Robert believes the digital world has the ability to wipe away the exclusion and prejudice that people face every day when it comes to access to the arts.

    That's why today, at the High Tide Festival, he is participating in the Theatre in the Digital Age discussion.

    While this conversation will take place at the festival, Robert believes it’s a conversation everyone should be a part of. Which is why he has turned his short introduction into a series of tweetable quotes. If you’d like to continue the conversation online, you can follow the hashtag, #theatrefuture #hightide.

    We will be listening.

    We have an exciting day of conversations, discussions and musings. Below are a list of sessions and participants who will be contributing.

    September 14