Are Fender Strats made in Mexico any good?

Are Fender Strats made in Mexico any good?

That being said, Mexican Strats are still excellent sounding guitars. They deliver the same versatile range as the American Strats, with that same snappy tone quality. They just don’t have that extra oomph that makes an American Strat an American Strat.

Are MIM Strats any good?

MIM Fenders are very good instruments and among the best intermediate electric guitars out there. Only you can decide which guitar is better for you.

What is the difference between a Mexican Strat and an American Strat?

While American Strats are made of three wood pieces, the Mexican strats are made of five pieces. It has been said that this difference has its impact on the tone also. It has been noted that American start comes in higher quality than the Mexican model. The American strat gives a modified tone called as delta tone.

Is American Strat better than Mexican?

The American Stratocasters seems to have a crispier sound with more sharpness and definition than the even the best of the made in Mexico ones. As a player, you’ll experience a more distinct clear note separation, even on the fullest chords.

What wood are Mexican Strats made of?

In general, an MIM Strat will have a body made of more pieces of wood (3 or even 4/5 pieces instead of 2), use poplar instead of alder for the body wood (especially for opaque finishes; trans finishes generally either have 3-piece alder bodies or an alder laminate), have cheaper pickups (ceramic magnets instead of …

Are American fenders better than Mexican?

The first major difference between the two – besides the price – is the wood used for the bodies. While an American Fender has a three piece body made of ash, its Mexican equivalent is made either superior choice in wood and build.

What is a MIM Strat worth?

So a MIM looses about $200-$250 in value if it’s bought new. Buy a new American strat at $1250 and it’s worth $850-$900 if you are lucky, thats a loss of $350-$400.

How can I make my Mexican Stratocaster better?

25 ways to upgrade your Fender Stratocaster

  1. Tighten up your neck. Advertisement.
  2. Block the tremolo.
  3. And consider steel trem blocks.
  4. Clean up your neck pocket.
  5. Add a bridge pickup tone control.
  6. Swap out your saddles.
  7. Add a shielding plate.
  8. Shim your string tree.

How do I know if my guitar is original?

Most fake guitars will utilize multiple pieces of wood, creating a scarf joint on the neck. Upon close examination of your hardware, you will find structural and visual inconsistencies. With Acoustic Guitars, the most common trick is for forgers to swap plywood in place of solid wood.

How much is a Fender Stratocaster made in Mexico worth?

Your Stratocaster was made at the Ensenada Plant in Mexico between the years of 2005 and 2006, which makes it a 2005 model year. It is valued at; Mint 98%: $425.00 USD. Exc+ 95%: $375.00 USD. Exc 90%: $325.00 USD. VG+ 80%: $275.00 USD.

Why is a Fender Stratocaster so good?

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  • Why is the Fender Stratocaster so popular?

    1954–1959,one piece maple necks (including fretboard);

  • 1959–1962,thick Brazilian rosewood ( Dalbergia nigra) fretboard known as a “slab-board”;
  • 1962–1966,thin Brazilian rosewood fretboard known as a “veneer-board”;
  • 1954–1964,Spaghetti logo on the headstock;
  • What is the best Fender Stratocaster?

    “We only had beat-up, crummy guitars would be the best guitar to avoid writing anything too rocky or blues based,” Marr says when asked why he adopted the Rickenbacker, which he played extensively before switching to the Fender Jaguar in 2005.