Are Zavvi movies region free?

Are Zavvi movies region free?

Region Free/0: All regions.

Is Zavvi American?

Zavvi is an ecommerce entertainment retail store formed from the now defunct Zavvi entertainment retail chain in the United Kingdom and Ireland, originally Virgin Megastores. Zavvi was formed in September 2007 when a management buy-out team purchased the company from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

Are SteelBook worth it?

Steelbooks are essentially designed to be the collector’s choice for movies, for the following key reasons: They come in metal cases, which are more durable than plastic. They have edge-to-edge artwork, which is usually much better than the normal releases.

What is WEA SteelBook?

WEA stands for World Exclusive Art specific to a particular retailer, meaning only they have the rights to produce a SteelBook with an approved design only they can use.

Is Zavvi based in Australia?

Very pleased with Zavvi I’m a Star Wars collector and zavvi have figures I can’t get from Australia. I knew they were based in the UK before I ordered but was worried when I read reviews on this page. I have just received my package, took 2 weeks and was packaged amazing! Really happy with them.

Is Zavvi us legit Reddit?

I posted earlier this week about my second damaged movie from Zavvi (here it is with photos) stating that I wasn’t going to buy from them anymore. That’s my choice. However, after the customer service experience I had today, I am WARNING YOU not to buy from them.

What is special about SteelBook?

A SteelBook is a limited run of a Blu-ray or game, packaged in a premium metal case – often with classic or specially commissioned artwork. The steel case provides both a better canvas for displaying the fantastic art that accompanies many films, as well as being a more durable way of storing the disks.

What are Steelbooks made of?

A Steelbook is made of metal and plastic and is identifiable by its three distinct parts (front, spine, back) that are bound together by a plastic interior on which the Steelbook logo is discreetly embossed.

Are all SteelBooks the same?

SteelBooks also come in a few different sizes. The two main varieties are commonly referred to as “G1” and “G2.” The G1-style SteelBooks are about the size of standard DVD cases, while G2 SteelBooks are about the size of standard Blu-ray cases.

What is Blufans?

Blufans is a company in China that releases steelbooks with either fullslips, single lenticular fullslips, double lenticular fullslips or 1/4 slips. They do a really good job with the art and design of their releases and usually release Marvel, Star Wars and Disney movies.

Is Zavvi a trustworthy website?

Overview. Zavvi has a consumer rating of 1.13 stars from 202 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Zavvi most frequently mention customer service, live chat and release date problems. Zavvi ranks 110th among DVD sites.

How long does Zavvi take to ship to Australia?

5 – 10 Business Days

Country Price Delivery times
Standard Standard
Australia $7.99 5 – 10 Business Days
Austria $1.99 5 – 10 Business Days
Azerbaijan $19.49 5 – 10 Business Days