Can Tobias defeat Cynthia?

Can Tobias defeat Cynthia?

From what we have seen from anime, it clear that cynthia’s garchomp is stronger than tobias’s darkrai aswell as latios. Cynthia have also faced and defeated more stronger opponents like elite 4. So cynthia is arguably more stronger than trainer than tobias. But these are said only by judging his 2 known Pokemon.

Can Steven defeat Cynthia?

Round 1: Cynthia wins due to Steven having nothing to deal with Garchomp and majority of his team being weak to said Garchomp. Round 2: Steven most likely wins this round due to having a Mega-Metagross an Aerodactly with Ice Fang to take out the Garchomp as well as a spikes Skarmory for chip damage.

Who is better Cynthia or Steven?

Comparing Cynthia and Steven’s Pokémon teams, it’s fairly clear Cynthia has the better-constructed team from a type-coverage standpoint. When looking at how they counter each other, however, they both have Pokémon that can take advantage of each other’s major weaknesses.

Did Ash beat Cynthia?

In Memories Are Made of Bliss!, Ash and his friends watched her battle with Flint for the title of Champion. Flint’s Infernape managed to defeat two of her Pokémon, but Garchomp ultimately defeated Flint’s Infernape, earning Cynthia the victory and retaining her title as Champion of the Sinnoh region.

What 6 Pokemon did Tobias?


  • Darkrai. Darkrai was Tobias’ main Pokémon.
  • Latios. Latios was first seen during Tobias’ battle with Tom Norton where he fought Tom’s Garchomp and Lucario.
  • Latias. Latias was first seen in a battle with Tom’s Lucario.
  • Swampert.
  • Ninetales.

Which trainer can beat Cynthia?

To beat Cynthia, the first thing that trainers are going to need is Fairy coverage. Back in the day, Spiritomb had no weaknesses, and there was nothing that could hit Dark and Ghost for super-effective damage.

Who can defeat Cynthia?

Cynthia will start with Spiritomb, so, ideally, players will lead with a Pokemon that knows Dazzling Gleam or another strong fairy-type attack. They’ll want to try and take it out in a single hit if possible, as otherwise, Cynthia will withdraw it and throw out Lucario.

How did Tobias get a Darkrai?

Tobias used his Darkrai in many Gym Battles, all of which he won. Barry, who won a round at the Sinnoh League, went to join up with Ash and others. On his way, he encountered the mysterious Trainer, Tobias, whose presence intimidated Barry a bit. The latter realized that Trainer had a Darkrai.

How did Tobias get Darkrai?