Can you hunt from a river in Montana?

Can you hunt from a river in Montana?

Montana’s Stream Access Law does not allow for hunting game animals (deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, mountain lion, bear and wild bison) between the ordinary high-water marks of streams and rivers without landowner permission.

What part of Montana has the best elk hunting?

Northwest Montana offers some of the best elk hunting in Montana. The area we guide boast some of the oldest age class bulls in the state due to the terrain, cover and brow tine restrictions our area has to offer. You will be hunting elk from 2500 feet to 7000 feet.

Can you hunt elk in Montana without a guide?

Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona have over the counter elk tags that you can simply walk in and buy. Yes, this is true and the cost is quite a bit less than throwing down 6,000 bucks for a guided trip.

What is the success rate of elk hunting in Montana?

Biologists at the Divide check station met with nearly 1,400 hunters, who harvested 17 whitetails, 42 mule deer and 84 elk. The number of hunters here was down 8% from 2019 and 10% lower than the 10-year average. This year’s hunter success rate of 10.5% was 50% higher than 2019 and 13% higher than the 10-year average.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Montana?

Hunters must obtain landowner permission to hunt on all private land, which often can be obtained through simple courtesy and communication between the hunter and the landowner.

Is it illegal to dam a river in Montana?

Curran, the Montana Supreme Court held that “under the public trust doctrine and the 1972 Montana Constitution, any surface waters that are capable of recreational use may be so used by the public without regard to streambed ownership or navigability for nonrecreational purposes.” This decision was expanded upon in the …

What unit in Montana has the most elk?

391, and 392 are probably two of the best elk units in the state. They are so great that FWP reduced the B tags in 392 to 25 this year, and adjusted the regulations in 391 so that no cows may be harvested on Forest Service land during rifle season.

Can non residents buy over-the-counter elk tags in Montana?

#Montana Offers Combination Big Game or Elk Tags Over-the-counter (OTC) tags are no longer available for non-residents. You will have to apply for what they call Combination Elk, Big game Combos (Deer and Elk) and Combination Deer licenses.

Where are the most elk harvested in Montana?

Southwest Montana is home to almost 40% of the statewide herd, and it’s no surprise that a high percentage of the yearly harvest is taken right here in our back yard.

Can you hunt deer with an AR 15 in Montana?

You can use any caliber of rifle– whether it’s a handgun or shotgun. Thanks to a recent change in the law, there are no longer any restrictions on magazines or ammunition capacity. You can have as many rounds as you want in your gun. There are also no longer any restrictions on semi-automatic or AR-15 style weapons.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Montana?

Montana allows open carry while hunting or engaging in similar activities such as fishing, hiking, trapping, or any other recreational activity in the state. Note that you can also possess a firearm while bow hunting in the state, but you cannot make use of it.

What are Ditch rights in Montana?

Ditch easements are commonly used to convey water to water rights holders. Montana law does not allow encroachment of easements without ditch owner permission. Conflicts between landowners and ditch owners may be increasing. Other states may provide guidance regarding such disputes.

What is elk hunting in Montana like?

Elk hunting in the wilderness is special as the Bob Marshall is one of the few areas in the country where you can rifle hunt elk during the rut or bugle. Our last hunting season is during the general Montana hunting season.

Why choose Sunday Creek Elk hunting in Montana?

Sunday Creek’s experienced and professional local guides will provide you with a challenging and rewarding Montana Elk hunt for both archery and rifle! Our Montana Elk Hunts are some of the most exciting and successful elk hunts in the entire world!

How do I get an elk license in Montana?

Each year Montana issues a limited number of non-resident elk licenses through a lottery system. To have your name added to the lottery, you will need to submit an application to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, by March 1 of each year. It’s also good to know that a non-resident license will set you back a bit of cash.

What is the best way to hunt elk?

We like to get deep into the back country and utilize spike camps. This can get us in closer proximity to the elk for opening day. This spike camp strategy has produced many harvested elk in seasons past, but does lack the comforts of traditional hunting camps.