Can you make Atton a Jedi?

Can you make Atton a Jedi?

Atton can be trained in the ways of a Jedi Sentinel if you play your cards right. In order to accomplish this you must go to the refugee section on Nar Shaddaa without Atton.

Can you make Atton a Sith?

STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ There’s plenty of opportunties to gain Atton’s influence (which is all that’s required to get the dialogue where he opens up and you can convince him to become a sith).

Is Goto actually a droid?

This droid was known as G0-T0. Known to few, however, was that the droid also had a secondary duty: to aid in the reconstruction of the Republic, which was wounded from the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War.

How do you unlock the M4-78 in Kotor 2?

To get M4-78 on the map you need to travel to Korriban, inside the Sith Academy you’d find Master Vash dead in a cage in Vanilla and TSLRCM though with M4-78EP only a little bag will be inside the cage.

Can you turn Juhani to the dark side?

There is no way that any of your party in this game can fall to the dark side when you want them to. In the next game you will be able to influence them to do so.

Is Visas Marr Darth Traya?

Visas Marr was a Miraluka Sith Apprentice of Darth Nihilus and a companion of Meetra Surik.

Can Hanharr become a Jedi?

Hanharr, the droids, and Mandalore can’t become jedi, but everybody else can.

Is Mira a Mandalorian?

Mira was raised by the Mandalorians from a young age but they later accepted her into a Mandalorian squad, and she was taught how to fight, hunt, and survive like a Mandalorian, and was treated as a part of the unit.

Is M4-78 a Tslrcm?

Please note that for now, M4-78 Enhancement Project is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THE SITH LORDS! Please note that M4-78EP will NOT work AT ALL without TSLRCM. 2. Follow TSLRCM’s installation instructions.

Where is the Jedi on Korriban?

Travel down the hall to the south of the mine field to find some items, then continue to the east. First take the next path to the south where you will find a fallen Jedi guarded by Hssiss. Then, take the path north. You will face a vision of your companions in battle when you enter the next area.

How do you spare Bastila?

Also remember that Bastila is strong in the Force, so stay away from Persuades at all cost, they will not work. Tell her to come back to you, to come back to the Light Side. Tell her that Malak is wrong and that you love her. When you tell her that you love her, this will snap her out of it completely.

Can I romance Bastila KOTOR?

Bastila is recruited into the party on Taris after you rescue her. In order to romance Bastila, you have to be a male character in order to romance her without mods. Bastila generally adheres strictly to the teachings of the Jedi code and you can sometimes play around with her in dialogue.

What planets can you visit in KOTOR 2?

After you make it through a specific part of the game, the world of Kotor 2 opens up, allowing you to travel to a vast range of planets in any order you want. Such planets include the Sith homeworld Korriban, Na Shaddaa, Onderon, Dxun, and Dantooine.

Is KOTOR 2 a sequel to Kotor?

The famous Star Wars game is the direct sequel to the original Kotor. After you reach a certain point in the story, you are given the option of exploring Kotor 2’s galaxy however you want, with the opportunity to choose which planets you will traverse.

What is the best Jedi companion to have in battle?

This Jedi Sentinel will develop very strong force powers and is probably the best companion to have in battle besides the Handmaiden. Developing your influence over Visas Marr often requires using light side responses. You should speak about stopping her former master and saving her from the trappings of the dark side.

Is Kreia Blind Knights of the Old Republic 2?

Kreia, as far as Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 character go, is one of the better mysteries and discolored personae in the game. A blind Jedi Master who survived the 5 years between the Bioware developed game and its Obsidian made sequel, she takes the Jedi Exile (player character) under her tutelage.