Did Metallica attend Alice in Chains Unplugged?

Did Metallica attend Alice in Chains Unplugged?

Onstage at one of those shows, Metallica’s James Hetfield infamously made fun of Staley’s addiction issues. But the members of Metallica were in the audience when Alice In Chains taped their MTV Unplugged special two years later, and AIC’s Mike Inez lightly clowned Metallica for getting haircuts.

Who played on Alice in Chains Unplugged?

The performance was one of Alice in Chains’ final appearances with vocalist Layne Staley and featured some of the band’s highest charting singles, including “Rooster”, “Down in a Hole”, “Heaven Beside You”, and “Would?”, and introduced a new song, “The Killer Is Me”.

Was MTV Unplugged Layne Staleys last performance?

On April 10, 1996, the band returned with a performance on MTV Unplugged in New York; it was their first concert in two-and-a-half years. From mid-1996 onwards, Staley was out of the public spotlight, never to perform live again….

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Did Layne Staley have teeth during MTV Unplugged?

He had no teeth. It was really sad, I was really heartbroken.” Although Layne was “obviously high,” Jimmy Shoaf said there were flashes of the Layne of old.

Was Layne Staley a good guitar player?

Layne Staley Sure, his tenor vocals were incredibly strong and paired excellently with primary songwriter Jerry Cantrell’s when they harmonized, but he wrote a fair share of lyrics as well. What many people don’t know is that he also played the guitar.

Why did Metallica cut their hair?

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted reflected on the divisive 1996 moment when the rest of his bandmates — James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett — made the collective decision to cut their hair, theorizing that they did so in an effort to copy a move he made in 1992, which came with a handful of benefits.

How long did Layne Staley live after unplugged?

Every so often, he’d call into radio shows to support friends, but he was essentially a recluse. Six years after Alice in Chains’ Unplugged performance, in April of 2002, Staley’s body was found on his couch two weeks after his death at age 34, officially attributed to a drug overdose.

What was wrong with Layne Staley on MTV Unplugged?

Alice in Chains Unplugged marked the second to last performance from Staley, who was battling a crippling addiction to heroin that was poignantly chronicled through the band’s dark and agonising lyrics.

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Did Layne Staley have one arm?

In 1998, Staley contracted gangrene as a result of his declining lifestyle. He couldn’t even ingest food fully at this point and survived off of supplements. There were rumors that Staley lost an arm to gangrene, but there is no photographic evidence of this injury.

What drugs was Layne Staley using?

The conversation took place less than three months before Staley died from an overdose of heroin and cocaine (“Layne Staley Died From Mix Of Heroin, Cocaine, Report Says”), and revealed a broken 34-year-old who had given up the will to live. “I know I’m dying,” he rasped through missing teeth.