Do BMW turbos fail?

Do BMW turbos fail?

Turbocharger failures in BMWs seems to be caused by the long oil service intervals. (The dealer typically recommends oil changes every 12,000-18,000 miles, depending upon when the car’s indicator says to do it.) Turbocharger failures can be catastrophic, so they are important to address at the first sign of a problem.

How many turbos does BMW 530d have?

3.0L turbo
The 520d is powered by a (140kW/400Nm) 2.0-litre four cylinder turbo-diesel, while the car you see before you has a (195kW/620Nm) 3.0-litre in-line turbo six tucked under its bonnet….What we don’t.

BMW 5 Series 2017: 530d M-Sport
Safety rating
Engine Type 3.0L turbo
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Efficiency 5.1L/100km

What BHP is a E60 530d?

BMW E60 5 Series 530d Engine Technical Data
Compression Ratio : 17.0
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 235 PS or 232 bhp or 173 kW @ 4000 rpm
Maximum torque : 500 Nm or 368 lb.ft @ 1750 – 3000 rpm
Drive wheels – Traction – Drivetrain : RWD

How do I know if my BMW turbo is bad?

What are the signs of a blown turbo?

  1. The car has noticeable power loss.
  2. The acceleration of the car seems slow and noisy.
  3. The car doesn’t easily maintain high speeds.
  4. There is smoke coming from the exhaust.
  5. There is an engine fault light on the dashboard.

How long will BMW turbos last?

The turbocharger centers should definitely last upward of 100k miles if they are not abused (pushed to the max regularly) and are well maintained.

What does E60 mean on BMW?

In more detailed terms, E60 stands for Entwicklung 60 (development 60) which can be translated into Evolution 60. The 60 means that this is BMW’s 60th model design since the beginning of the company. Not all designs are put into production, such as concept cars, which also receive an E designation.

Is BMW 530d a good car?

Verdict. The 530d xDrive Touring proves there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the more traditional options. This estate serves up more than enough space, is beautifully built inside and out, and is powered by a truly excellent six-cylinder diesel engine.

What BHP is a BMW 535d?


Power 308 bhp
Top Speed 155 mph
0-60 mph 5.3 secs
Torque 630 Nm, 465 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 148 g/km

Does E60 530d have DPF?

Registered. It depends, in the UK the DPF came in with the M57N2 engine in 2006 although they were sold in other countires with a DPF in 2004 and yes the if the pipes point down it does not have a DPF.

What brake horsepower is a BMW 530d?


Power 261 bhp
Top Speed 155 mph
0-60 mph 5.5 secs
Torque 620 Nm, 457 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 158 g/km