Do cold air intakes work on WRX?

Do cold air intakes work on WRX?

Can cold air intakes work on WRX? A cold air intake system works on WRX. It boosts its horsepower so that acceleration and power can be enhanced without neglecting the protection of the engine.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a WRX?

By channeling outside air directly into the compressor, this 50-state legal cold air intake system creates a pre-cooled air charge that allows the EJ255 2.5L and EJ257 2.5L to make more horsepower and torque at lower RPMs. In fact, dyno testing on a 2008 Subaru WRX STi revealed an estimated increase of 36-hp.

Do I need a tune for Cobb cold air intake?

A: The only thing required for the intake is a custom tune or the Cobb AccessPort and nothing else is needed.

Is the Cobb SF intake worth it?

in my opinion this is very well worth the money for the following reasons. first, it adds power with cobbs map its now 19.5 psi boost. second, the design it gets cold air and not worried of water getting into the engine if it pours. and last, the sound just plain awesome.

How much HP does a Cobb intake add?

Cars utilizing a Stage1+BigSF or Stage2+BigSF map with the COBB Big SF Intake System can expect to see 10-12 HP in addition to the presented non-SF dyno charts.

What does intake do for WRX?

The stock intake system on your Subaru is intended to reduce intake noise, and intake flow is compromised as a result. An aftermarket intake system can greatly increase the engine’s capacity to ingest air, resulting in improved horsepower!

How can I make my WRX faster?

With simple bolt-on parts (bolt-on meaning you don’t have to take apart the actual block or heads), we can increase the horsepower of the WRX (either standard or STI) to over 400. This will make the car faster than nearly anything on the road. Of course, remember that the car is a complete system.

How fast can a WRX go?

155 mph
What is the top speed of the WRX? The top speed for the Subaru WRX is 155 mph and 174 mph for the WRX STi.

Do you need tune for intake WRX?

No Tune Required Intake : r/WRX.

What does Cobb SF stand for?

short flow? “SF” is only used by cobb to denote a SRI iirc. 2007 Mazda6s Tungsten Gray.

What does SF mean intake?

Description. The COBB Tuning SF Intake removes a pre-turbo restriction in the stock intake system. The SF Intake intake system utilizes several unique features in an effort to maintain optimal flow for performance while minimizing turbulence that can cause engine management problems.

What is Stage 1 for a WRX?

Stage 1 is typically just a tune (and maybe an intake) to get a bit more power over the stock tune. Stage 2 (includes stage 1 stuff) is typically a turboback exhaust. Beyond that, there aren’t really set stages as you start getting into stuff like larger intercoolers and bigger turbos.