Does Darren Lockyer have kids?

Does Darren Lockyer have kids?

Sunny Lockyer
Flynn Lockyer
Darren Lockyer/Children

Who is Darren Lockyer Way named after?

On 28 September 2011 the Queensland Main Roads Minister, Craig Wallace, announced that an 85 km stretch of the Warrego Highway was to be renamed Darren Lockyer Way, in honour of the retired Brisbane Broncos, Queensland and Australian rugby league captain.

Why does Darren Lockyer talk like that?

Also in 2004, during a game for the Broncos, Lockyer took a hit to the throat which caused damage to a small bone in his larynx. This has resulted in his unusually husky-sounding voice, which could be corrected with surgery that Lockyer has so far declined to undergo.

Does Darren Lockyer have a statue?

He told the crowd how his father David had helped him meet Lewis when he was a child. The bronze statue of Darren Lockyer that was unveiled at Suncorp Stadium this morning.

How much does Darren Lockyer get paid?

NRL 2020: David Fifita, Gold Coast Titans, Brisbane Broncos, Darren Lockyer, $3.5 million deal.

Is the Lockyer Valley named after Darren?

“It would have reflected the Lockyer Valley region, Edmund Lockyer who travelled up the Brisbane River and landed at Lockyer Creek in 1825, and now Darren as well.” Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace earlier confirmed the reason behind the chosen name.

Is State Route 14 sealed?

The Birdsville Developmental Road (State Route 14) is a mostly unsealed road in south-west Queensland that branches off the Diamantina Developmental Road at a point 103 kilometres (64 mi) west of Windorah and runs to Birdsville. Its length is 273 kilometres (170 mi).

Where is the Wally Lewis statue?

The sculpture commemorates rugby league player Wally Lewis….Location.

Address: Caxton Street, Suncorp Stadium, Milton, 4064
State: QLD
Area: AUS

Who has a statue at Suncorp Stadium?

At present, there are statues recognising the on-field achievements of five Queensland State of Origin champions and one Queensland Rugby Union champion. The Rugby League statues are located on the Northern Plaza (Caxton Street end) while the Rugby Union statue is on the Southern Plaza (Milton Road end).

How much do NRL players get paid?

It’s not surprising that the halfback role is the highest paid position in the NRL with top five players earning an average of close to $1.1m. The document also reveals that the third highest paid halfback is on a salary of $1.098m in 2022, which is believed to be Dragons halfback Ben Hunt on a back-ended deal.

Where was Darren Lockyer born?

Brisbane, AustraliaDarren Lockyer / Place of birth