Does Michael Jordan have a 23 jersey?

Does Michael Jordan have a 23 jersey?

Michael Jordan’s number 23 jersey is arguably the most iconic in sports history. Jordan entered the league in 1984 and was assigned the number 23 by the Chicago Bulls. He immediately established himself as one of the best players in the league. With his improvement, his jersey number became absolutely iconic.

How much is an original Michael Jordan jersey worth?

Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin estimated the Jordan jersey could fetch between $400,000 and $500,000.

What does the 23 stand for in Jordans?

Playing on the varsity basketball team, Larry Jordan wore number 45; when Michael made the team, he donned 23 because it was (roughly) half of his brother’s number. He, of course, stuck with that number throughout his college and professional careers.

Who made number 23 famous?

23 Greatest Athletes to Wear No. 23 Quiz Stats

Rank (Sport) Athlete % Correct
1 (Basketball) Michael Jordan 93.1%
3 (Basketball) LeBron James 74.6%
5 (Soccer) David Beckham 50.3%
6 (Baseball) Don Mattingly 28.3%

Which Michael Jordan jersey is most popular?

Arguably the most iconic Michael Jordan jersey, the Bulls road red #23 is simply an awesome one to own. Also from the 1997/98 season, this authentic on court jersey is currently fully stocked. Bulls fans already loved this season, but the 2020 documentary The Last Dance made it legendary.

How long did Michael Jordan wear 23?

What Jersey Number did Michael Jordan Wear?

Michael Jordan Number NBA Team Dates Worn
12 Chicago Bulls 14 February 1990
45 Chicago Bulls 19 March 1995 – 7 May 1995
23 Chicago Bulls 10 May 1995 – 14 June 1998
23 Washington Wizards 30 October 2001 – 16 April 2003

Who wear number 23 in the NBA?

23: Michael Jordan And LeBron James Made History Wearing That Jersey – Fadeaway World.

Is Shaq’s jersey retired?

The Miami Heat retired Shaq’s No. 32 despite the fact that he played just three and a half seasons with the team before being traded. Yes, he won a title in Miami. But in terms of regular season games played, O’Neal played 205 games on Miami and 295 games on Orlando.