Does Vieques have good snorkeling?

Does Vieques have good snorkeling?

BEST SNORKELING ON VIEQUES SPOTS. Snorkeling is one of the best past times in the Spanish Virgin Islands of Vieques. You can spend days beach hopping and exploring pristine underwater ecosystems. Vieques has abundant options for snorkeling.

Where can I snorkel at Mosquito Pier Vieques?

Mosquito Pier: Mosquito Pier is a popular spot for scuba divers and great for snorkeling, it is located on the north shore of the island. The clarity and variety of sea life are excellent. You’ll want to snorkel along the left side of the pier where the waters are protected from the surf.

Where can I see sea turtles in Vieques?

Esperanza Beach
Esperanza Beach is probably one of the most popular spots on Vieques island for snorkeling and one of the most easily accessible. Not only will you see schools of fish but are also likely to see manta rays, sea turtles, and more.

How do you get from SJU to Vieques?

The best option is to take a taxi to the airport in Ceiba and take a 10-minute flight from there to Vieques via Vieques Air Link. There are also charter flights available from Ceiba. Another option is to take a ferry from the port in Ceiba to Vieques, although the ferry can be unreliable.

Are there sharks in Vieques?

There are sharks in the ocean and that includes Vieques.

Which island is better Vieques or Culebra?

There really isn’t a stand-out winner for the Vieques vs Culebra battle. Both of these smaller islands are perfect for a beach day and unwinding. In general, Culebra makes a better day trip: it’s size (and optional group tours) make it easier to experience in a short amount of time.

How long is Mosquito Pier in Vieques?

about a mile long
Vieques offers a lot of options for adventurers, from horseback riding on deserted beaches, to the one-of-a-kind bio bay experience, to scuba diving at an abandoned military pier (Mosquito Pier or Rompeolas) a mile of the northern coast. The pier is about a mile long.

Is Vieques open for tourism 2021?

When to visit Vieques. NOTE: Vieques is open again to visitors, but ALL people traveling to Puerto Rico need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to their departure. More info here. The Vieques ferry has also been operating for locals only; tourists may need to fly to the island.

Which beach in Puerto Rico has the clearest water?

Where is the clearest water in Puerto Rico? The beaches with the clearest waters in Puerto Rico include Tortuga Beach in Culebrita, Playa PelĂ­cano in Caja de Muerto, Playa Caracas in Vieques, Cayo Aurora, Icacos Beach, Tortuga Beach in Culebra, and Desecheo.

Do great white sharks live in Puerto Rico?

Are There Great White Sharks in Puerto Rico? Yes, the almighty feared monster from ‘Jaws’ can be found in Puerto Rico.

Which is better for snorkeling Vieques or Culebra?

One, it is much easier to get around on Vieques. The beaches on Culebra are beautiful and pristine, but transportation is difficult and expensive. Vieques has one beach in particular–Blue Beach–that has two reefs. One is just a few yards off shore and offers good snorkeling.

How many days do you need in Vieques?

3 days
So if a day trip isn’t long enough, how long SHOULD you stay on Vieques? Personally, I think you need at least 3 days to explore all of Vieques. A longer trip of 5-7 days would be great, too, especially if you like to take things a bit slower, but 2-3 nights is perfect as an add-on to a longer trip in Puerto Rico.