Has Artur Beterbiev been dropped?

Has Artur Beterbiev been dropped?

However, Beterbiev was dropped for the first time in a professional fight in the first round of the fight by a straight right to the head. “I felt a bit sleepy before the fight. I think I just lost my concentration for a fraction of a second,” Beterbiev said of the knockdown.

How old is Artur Beterbiev?

37 years (January 21, 1985)Artur Beterbiev / Age

Who trains Artur Beterbiev?

Marc Ramsay (Coach) Marc Ramsay, a former amateur boxer, became a coach in 1995. Certified by the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) and the Pan American Sports Organizations. Trained the Canada National team from 2000 to 2004 and in 2010.

Who has Artur Beterbiev fight?

Pro Boxing Career

date opponent
2019-05-04 Radivoje Kalajdzic 24 1 0
International Boxing Federation World Light Heavy Title
2018-10-06 Callum Johnson 17 0 0
International Boxing Federation World Light Heavy Title

What nationality is Artur Beterbiev?

Artur Beterbiev/Nationality

When did Artur Beterbiev turn pro?

It was at the famous Bell Centre in Montreal that Beterbiev made his pro debut on June 8, 2013, producing a second-round technical knockout against American Christian Cruz.

How tall is Artur Beterbiev?

6′ 0″Artur Beterbiev / Height

What weight class is Artur Beterbiev?

Light heavyweightArtur Beterbiev / Division

What nationality is artur Beterbiev?

Who is Artur?

Artur was a hunter living in a village in Talos that rejected technology and worshiped the Norse gods with a particular focus on Odin, the Allfather.

What belts does Artur Beterbiev have?

What belts does Artur Beterbiev hold? He currently holds the WBC World Light heavyweight and IBF World Light heavyweight championships.

What nationality is Artur?


Pronunciation Portuguese: [aɾˈtuɾ, aʁˈtuʁ] Polish: [ˈartur]
Gender Male
Language(s) Latin or Celtic
Meaning Bear-like