How do I activate my ALDI TALK Internet package?

How do I activate my ALDI TALK Internet package?

You can activate your SIM card via the internet. Go to and enter your SIM card number and your PUK2. You can also use this form to continue an already started registration. The SIm is activated and works fine.

How do I recharge my ALDI TALK in Germany?

Log into the My ALDI TALK account. Choose Immediate Top-Up. Then go to Automatic Recharge.

What is the ALDI TALK app?

ALDI TALK is the popular supermarket’s app for its own cellphone provider network. Now you can keep up with all of your phone bills in one easy interface by installing the official ALDI TALK app. Plus, you can top up your phone with credit, buy more data, and much more.

Is ALDI TALK good?

Aldi Talk The O2 reception in cities is excellent, whereas, if you spend a lot of time in rural areas, it is not a good choice for you. The Paket S plan offers unlimited calls and texts and 3 GB LTE data. It costs 7,99 euros for 4 weeks.

How do I activate my Aldi?

To activate, you’ll need your Starter Pack and you may also need your ID. If you are transferring your number, you’ll need your phone and existing account details if your service is postpaid.

How long does Aldi Talk take to activate?

When you activate your ALDImobile SIM card, if you are requesting a new number (and not transferring an existing number) then it is usually activated in around 1 hour. It can sometimes take longer, and you may need to wait up to 4 hours.

How do I check my Aldi Talk internet balance in Germany?

The quickest and easiest way to check on the go, is by using the ALDImobile app. SMS the word balance to 590 from your ALDImobile handset. You can also log into your My ALDImobile account online.

Does Aldi Talk work outside of Germany?

These plans with providers like Aldi Talk, Lidl Connect, or Edeka Mobil offer customers cheaper domestic packages to call fellow users with the company for free, but this offer is then not possible outside the country.

How do I get the Aldi app?

How to download the Android App:

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Go to Search and type “ALDI”
  3. Select ALDI app, then install.

How do I activate my Aldi SIM card?

Call 2534 (ALDI) from your ALDImobile (it’s a free call) or 1300 989 000 from any other phone (normal charges apply).

How long does a prepaid SIM card last?

The SIM card itself never expires, as the SIM serves only to allow the handset to identify the cellular network.

How do I find my Aldi Talk number?

As you can see the USSD codes for ALDI Talk are very limited. There is the ability to check your balance and recharge your account….Aldi Talk USSD codes.

* 100 # Check account balance
* 104 * recharge code # Charge the account with a prepaid card
30 days internet flatrate
* 123 # Status check