How do I add a product to SCCM?

How do I add a product to SCCM?


  1. Click ADMINISTRATION (bottom left)
  2. Click and expand SITE CONFIGURATION (top left)
  3. Click SITES.
  4. Right click on the site in question and select CONFIGURE SITE COMPONENTS.

How do I manually import a SCCM update?

Process to manually add software updates to a new software update group

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace, and select Software Updates.
  2. Click Create Software Update Group in the ribbon.
  3. Specify the name for the software update group and optionally provide a description.

How do I update WSUS products and classifications?

On the Home tab, in the Settings group, click Configure Site Components, and then click Software Update Point. On the Classifications tab, specify the software update classifications for which you want to synchronize software updates.

How do I setup a SCCM software update?

The below step by step will instruct to install Software Update Role (SUP).

  1. Add Site Systems Roles.
  2. Select a Server to Use as a Site System.
  3. Specify Internet Proxy Server.
  4. Specify Roles for this Server.
  5. Specify Software Update Point Settings.
  6. Specify Proxy & Account Settings for Software Update Point.

How do I set the update point in SCCM 2012?

Here is how you perform the initial software update synchronization after you install SUP role in SCCM.

  1. First of all launch the SCCM console.
  2. Go to Software Library > Overview > Software Updates > All Software Updates.
  3. On the top ribbon, click Synchronize Software Updates.

Can I add my own updates to WSUS?

Yes you can, but you need to make your own update packages, apply a certificate to them, and then import them into WSUS. It’s known as Local Publishing. The WSUS API allows you to create and publish custom updates, applications, and device drivers for your organization.

How do I import WSUS updates?

Launch the WSUS console, expand your server and click Updates. In the right pane, under Actions section, click Import Updates. What is this? Clicking Import Updates opens the browser and takes you to the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

How do I enable feature updates in SCCM?

In the Configuration Manager console, click Software Library. In the Software Library workspace, expand Windows 10 Servicing, and click All Windows 10 Updates. Choose the feature update(s) to deploy by using your saved search criteria. Select one or more of the feature updates returned, right click, and select Deploy.

What are the types of Windows updates?

5 days ago
On Windows 10, there are four types of quality updates, including “B,” “C,” “D,” and “out-of-band.” The “B” rollout happens on schedule every Patch Tuesday, and it contains the most important patches that devices need during a specific month.

How does SCCM and WSUS work together?

SCCM, or System Center Configuration Manager, is a paid patch management solution from Microsoft. SCCM relies on WSUS to check for and apply patches, but offers some more desirable features and gives users more control over how and when patches are deployed.