How do I beat Lorewalker Cho?

How do I beat Lorewalker Cho?

Start with Moonfire, then Arcane Blast until Wisdom is dead. Open against Patience with Life Exchange and then Arcane Blast until Nether Faerie Dragon dies. Bring out Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, use Thunderbolt and then Breath until Patience dies.

Where to find Lorewalker Cho?

He is on the second floor in the Mogu’shan Palace (entrance on a big balcony up there). You’ll see him on the stairs just inside. “The location ‘The Seat of Knowledge’ for all hand-ins to Lorewalker Cho is above the Mogu’shan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and can only be accessed with flying.”

What pets do I need for Celestial Tournament?

1. Recommended Pet Army

Pet Name Pet Type Pet Team
Pandaren Water Spirit Elemental Celestials
Personal World Destroyer Mechanical Team 2
Scourged Whelpling Undead Team 2
Sprite Darter Hatchling Dragonkin Teams 2 & 3

How do you beat sully the pickle Mcleary?

Sully The Pickle:

  1. Open with Croaker: Swarm, Tongue until dead, Bubble on undead round, Swarm to rabbit, take dmg from Burrow then swap.
  2. Dance, Howl, Bite.
  3. Moth Dust on cd, Alpha Strike until dead.

How do you get exalted with the Lorewalkers?

All you really need to do to get exalted with the Lorewalkers is read each of the lore objects located throughout Pandaria; you can see a list of them (like The Seven Burdens of Shaohao) in your Exploration Achievements tab, under Pandaria.

Where is Mishi located?

Mishi is located on the bottom floor of Shrine of the Two Moons/Shrine of the Seven Stars, and if you speak to him, he will fly you to the top of Mogu’shan Palace, where the Archaeology vendors and quests are, as well as the NPCs to queue for Mists of Pandaria Raid Finder, Dungeons and Scenarios.

How do I get XUEN pet?

This glorious pet is purchased from Master Li on timeless isle. In order to buy it you need a special currency called Celestial Coin and you need three to purchase this pet. You obtain these coins by completing the Celestial Tournament (which rewards The Celestial Tournament.)

How do you beat Yu LA?

Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon

  1. Use Fury of 1,000 Fists for heavy damage and Stun (Darkness causes blind)
  2. Use Takedown. Deals Double damage because of the stun.
  3. Spam Takedown to finish her off if she is near death.

Where is Tan Shin Tiao?

Tan Shin Tiao is the Lorewalkers quartermaster found in the Seat of Knowledge, above the entrance to Mogu’shan Palace, in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

What does Mishi mean?

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