How do I find an agent in China?

How do I find an agent in China?

Things to consider when choosing a China sourcing agent

  1. Location of the sourcing agent.
  2. Experience of the China sourcing agent.
  3. Check for references.
  4. Get the required documentation.
  5. Check how they deal with quality issues.
  6. Have the necessary license.
  7. Check the language proficiency.
  8. Expertise on the product that you want to buy.

What does it mean to have an agent in China?

Agents act as representatives of the supplier, and rather than taking ownership of the supplier’s goods (as is the case with a distributor), generally receive a commissions based on sales value. The supplier receives orders from the buying agents and then fulfils the orders themselves.

How much do sourcing agents charge in China?

5% to 10%
Commission – Apart from the flat fee model, a China sourcing agent might charge a commission on the total dollar value of the purchase order. Commissions in the 5% to 10% range are said to be common in China. However, commissions depend on the type of product you require and your order size.

How do I find a Chinese distributor?

Contacting your Embassy or Chamber of Commerce in China is also something you should consider when looking for distributors. They have a wide network and might be able to connect you with the right service providers, at least.

Do I need a sourcing agent in China?

Most of the businesses may require a sourcing agent when importing from a big country like China because it is becoming the major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and high-quality products.

How do I get an agent on Alibaba?

First, the agent must be part of a trading company listed on Alibaba (so these are not individual freelancers — these are middlemen). Second, the company must have been a “gold supplier” for at least 3 years. In other words, they must have been paying for Alibaba’s services for at least 3 years.

How do sourcing agents make money?

The most common forms of compensation a sourcing agent will receive are the following: Flat rate commission: This rate is usually advertised and ranges between 1% – 10% of the factory price. They collect this fee when it is time to pay the supplier, and tack it onto their clients invoice.

How do I become a sourcing agent?

Pursue an education in business or chemical engineering. Earning a bachelor’s degree is often a requirement to become a sourcing agent. Select a major that is related to finance or engineering because these are the skills that are most helpful to become a sourcing agent.

How do I find a buyer in China?

How to Find Buyers & Suppliers in China? China Importers…

  1. Contact Chinese Embassies.
  2. Attend Trade Events.
  3. Contact Government Sources in China.
  4. Register with Chinese Trade Promotional Councils.
  5. Publicize Your Company Information with Proper Marketing.
  6. Search Online & Get General Idea of Chinese Market.

How do I contact my suppliers on 1688?

How to contact with the suppliers?

  1. Use AliWangWang. You should download a chat app named AliWangWang if you want to talk with the factory.
  2. Use WeChat through mobile number. Our most recommended app: WeChat.
  3. Find a sourcing Agent. This is THE fastest and convenient way for you to buy in

How do I find a shipping agent in China?

How Do I Find an Agent in China?

  1. An online search for the best Chinese shipping agent.
  2. Find a freight forwarder on Alibaba.
  3. The people around you.
  4. Attend China’s trade fairs.
  5. Check social media platforms.
  6. Easy to communicate.
  7. Save transportation time.
  8. Cost-effective.