How do I find ww2 footage?

How do I find ww2 footage?

The National Archives web site,, has a wealth of information about World War II for everyone from historians to veterans. For an overview of National Archives holdings on World War II, go to

What film cameras were used in ww2?

In Germany and Europe Rollei TLRs and Leica and Contax 35mm rangefinders were predominant. Robot cameras were used as gun cameras, and soldiers and civilians used any mix of 35mm and medium format folders, box cameras and probably even plate cameras.

How were newsreels used in ww2?

The reels were released in several languages, including German. However, they were primarily distributed to allied and neutral countries. Newsreels averaged 10 minutes in length and consisted of U.S. military footage depicting allied military operations and other events from the home front.

How was World war 2 filmed?

The De Vry was the camera most widely used by members of the British Army Film and Photographic Unit (AFPU) during the Second World War. The portable nature of the camera enabled camera operators to get much closer to the action than in the First World War.

Is there footage of D Day?

The Office of Strategic Services and the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force were all set to painstakingly document every aspect of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. And yet, the little footage that survives comes from the work of one combat cameraman — Hollywood director and then-Capt.

What kind of film was used in the 1940s?

Film History of the 1940s. By World War II’s end, the genre most characteristic of the era and most associated with 1940s Hollywood was film noir. The film noir ‘genre’ reflected the way Hollywood felt as it faced its greatest challenges during the war and post-war periods – darker and more cynical.

How did people watch newsreels?

What we do know is that newsreels gathered and enthralled audiences until the 1960s, when people looked to flickering televisions rather than to movie theaters for their news. And though the newsreel may be history, vast collections of it remain, much of it unseen.

What is newsreel footage?

Newsreels were short films shown in movie theaters, generally along with cartoons and feature films. Though some footage of newsworthy events survives from the 1890s, the first American newsreels were produced by the French Pathé firm in 1911. A competing newsreel was produced by Vitagraph.

Is world war 2 in color real footage?

The series is in full colour, combining both original and colourized footage. The show covers the Western Front, Eastern Front, North African Campaign and the Pacific War.

Did they have cameras in ww2?

During the Second World War, F24 cameras like this were used for aerial reconnaissance. The camera comprised a body with a built-in shutter and a range of lenses in a cone on the front. It shot pictures five by five inches on five-inch-wide rolls of film that had a capacity for up to 250 exposures.