How do I free up space on Synology?

How do I free up space on Synology?


  1. Reduce the number of versioning or disable version control.
  2. Clean up the recycle bin.
  3. Delete or disable infrequently accessed files or folder.
  4. Uninstall Synology Drive Server.

How do I copy files to Synology?

Press Ctrl + X to cut or Ctrl + C to copy the files/folders. For Mac users, press Command + X and Command + C. Go to the destination folder on the Synology NAS. Press Ctrl + V to paste the files/folders.

Who deleted files on Synology?

Open ADAudit Plus and click on File Audit and navigate to Member Servers > Synology NAS. This report will give all the required details about the files accessed on the server.

How do I transfer data from one Synology to another Synology?

To copy data across the network:

  1. Sign in to the target Synology NAS.
  2. Open Backup & Replication.
  3. Go to the Backup Services page and tick the Enable network backup service checkbox.
  4. Sign in to the source Synology NAS.
  5. Go to Backup & Replication > Backup.
  6. Click Create and choose Data backup task.

What is Synology Data scrubbing?

Data scrubbing is a data maintenance feature that inspects storage pools. The following two types of data scrubbing will be performed sequentially: File system scrubbing: This function checks the volumes in the Btrfs file system.

How much free space should I have on my NAS?

The capacity you should go for depends on what you will store on the drive. If you’re using the NAS for home storage, you can usually get away with one to two terabytes of space.

Is FTP faster than copy paste?

Its easily 3x faster on my home network to copy via FTP.

What is Synology snapshot replication?

Snapshot Replication leverages the modern Btrfs file system to create point-in-time copies of shared folders and LUNs that can be replicated to other Synology NAS and rapidly restored in case of data loss or accidental modifications to the original data.

Can you recover deleted files from Synology NAS?

For recovering deleted files on your Synology NAS, we recommend using the Recycle Bin option that can be enabled for each shared folder. There are also other backup solutions or third-party software that you can use in place of or in combination with Recycle Bin.

How do I recover data from a NAS hard drive?

How to recover data from a typical NAS device

  1. Install and start the program.
  2. Find the assembled RAID holding user data.
  3. Assemble RAID manually.
  4. Check its file system.
  5. Scan the storage.
  6. Choose and copy the needed files and folders.

Can I move hard drives from one Synology to another?

Hard drive migration. The easiest way to migrate from one Synology NAS to another is by swapping the hard drives. It’s possible to remove the drives from one NAS and simply insert them into another. The DSM OS (see our DSM 7 review) will be able to detect the migration process and commence the switch.

How do I transfer data from old NAS to New NAS?

Important: Both NAS must be connected to the same network.

  1. Download Hybrid Backup Sync from the App Center on your old NAS.
  2. Go to Backup & Restore and select Backup now.
  3. Select the folders/files to back up.
  4. Choose Remote NAS and enter the IP address of your new NAS.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Apply.