How do I grant a materialized view privilege?

How do I grant a materialized view privilege?

The privileges required to create a materialized view should be granted directly rather than through a role. To create a materialized view in your own schema: You must have been granted the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW system privilege and either the CREATE TABLE or CREATE ANY TABLE system privilege.

How can materialized view refresh automatically in Oracle?

Set the initialization parameters and bounce the database. Create the materialized view table. Here, we specify that the materialized view will be refreshed every two hours with the refresh fast option. Instead of using DBMS_MVIEW, you can automatically refresh the MVIEW (Snapshot) using Oracle DBMS_JOB Management.

Can we replace materialized view in Oracle?

No, you cannot alter the query of a materialized view without dropping it. The CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW syntax does not support that feature. The ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW is used to modify an existing materialized view in one or more of the following ways: To change its storage characteristics.

How do I make a materialized view read only?

  1. create materialized view mv_name. tablespace mv_data. as select * from base_table; By default materialized view refresh type is complete. This mv should be refreshed manually and using complete mode of refresh.
  2. create materialized view mv1. tablespace mv_data. build immediate. refresh fast.
  3. create materialized view mv1.

How do materialized views get refreshed?

The simplest form to refresh a materialized view is a Complete Refresh. It loads the contents of a materialized view from scratch. This means, if the SQL query of the materialized view has an execution time of two hours, the Complete Refresh takes at least two hours as well – or ofter even longer.

Do materialized views automatically update?

Unlike indexes, materialized views are not automatically updated with every data change. They must explicitly be refreshed, either on every commit, on a periodically time schedule or – typically in data warehouses – at the end of an ETL job.

How do you refresh data in materialized view?

A materialized view can be manually refreshed using the DBMS_MVIEW package. New features: Since Oracle 12c, statistics are calculated on the materialized view automatically due to online statistics gathering. dbms_mview.

Can we update materialized view?

To update the data in a materialized view, you can use the REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW statement at any time. When you use this statement, Amazon Redshift identifies changes that have taken place in the base table or tables, and then applies those changes to the materialized view.

Can we perform DML on materialized view?

A materialized view can be either read-only, updatable, or writeable. Users cannot perform data manipulation language (DML) statements on read-only materialized views, but they can perform DML on updatable and writeable materialized views.