How do I know if my Pfaltzgraff is vintage?

How do I know if my Pfaltzgraff is vintage?

Maker’s Mark There are several things you can look out for when you are shopping for vintage Pfaltzgraff. If you find a dish that resembles the Heritage pattern, flip it over and check the bottom. The Pfaltzgraff family castle was used in the 1960’s and stamped on the bottom of each piece.

Did Pfaltzgraff go out of business?

was sold to Lifetime Brands, Inc. in 2005. Until recently, the company owned and operated 67 stores throughout the U.S. as well as their online presence at In 2009, Lifetime Brands opted to close all 67 stores and only maintain their Internet presence.

When did Pfaltzgraff move to China?

I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, Pfaltzgraff moved their factory operations offshore in 2005 or so. The chinese-made dishes looked pretty decent at first. However, within a few months they started to get crazing (glaze cracking).

When was Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne discontinued?

Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne was produced from 2012 to 2013 as part of the Pfaltzgraff Studio line sold exclusively at Walmart. If you need replacement or additional pieces for your Pfaltzgraff Studio Yorktowne collection, monitor this page on a weekly basis for new listings.

Does Vintage Pfaltzgraff have lead?

This Pfaltzgraff, Made in the USA dish (age unknown, pattern name unknown, tested in 2014) tested positive for lead at 60 parts per million (ppm) when tested with an XRF instrument. This level of lead is considered safe by all standards, American and European.

Is Pfaltzgraff a good brand?

For over 200 years the Pfaltzgraff brand has been associated with the highest quality ceramic products available for the home.

Does old Pfaltzgraff contain lead?

Is Pfaltzgraff considered stoneware?

Pfaltzgraff has used earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china at some point in our history. Our current dinnerware patterns are made primarily of stoneware and porcelain.

Is Pfaltzgraff toxic?

Is Vintage Pfaltzgraff safe?

Are my dishes safe? Pfaltzgraff, a Lifetime Brands company, stands behind the safety and quality of all of its products. All our products are tested by accredited, independent laboratories and meet or exceed all federal standards relating to lead and other contaminants.

Do old Pfaltzgraff dishes contain lead?

Is Pfaltzgraff stoneware safe?

Pfaltzgraff dinnerware without precious metal accents is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.