How do I use neither and nor?

How do I use neither and nor?

Neither/Nor Examples

  1. I neither speak Spanish nor understand it.
  2. He likes neither apples nor oranges.
  3. You neither know how to sing nor how to dance.
  4. Sean neither drives a car, nor does he have a car.
  5. My new dress is neither short nor long; it is the right length.
  6. Our teacher speaks neither loudly nor softly.

Is it neither or nor do I?

nor do I (archaic; now either ironic or intended to sound classy, or both) neither do I (normal in writing, common in speech) me either (common in speech, more familiar) me neither (common in ingroup speech)

What is neither nor example?

Neither/nor are used together to state 2 or more things are untrue or won’t happen. For example: Neither the blue one nor the red one is available in size 4. I will neither call you nor send you a message before midday.

Can you use nor with no?

When it comes to other negative words, use “or” if the second part of the negative is a noun, adjective, or adverb phrase. If it’s a verb phrase, choose either “nor” or “or.” If you’re unsure which one to use, consider saying, “and no” or “and not” for the second part.

Can I say either do I?

either do I ” So do I ,me too ,and I do too have the same meaning Neither do I or I don’t either are used after a negative It’s the same as saying “neither do I,” or “neither have I.” You would not say “either do I” to a response.

Can you use nor in a sentence without neither?

When used with “neither,” you must say “nor” before each item in a list. When used without “neither,” you should only use “nor” once. Correct example: He has never experienced joy, sadness, nor anger with such passion before.”

Do I use NOR or OR?

Think of “nor” as “or” for negative sentences, and it’s not optional. Use “nor” before the second or farther of two alternatives when “neither” introduces the first. Example: Neither my mother nor I understand these directions.

Is it neither am I or either am I?

Different uses of either and neither: Either means ‘both’, ‘one’ and neither means ‘not either’, ‘none’. Either is used in negative constructions, while neither is used in affirmative constructions.

How can I use nor in a sentence?

Nor sentence example

  1. It was neither good nor bad in her mind back then – it simply was.
  2. We cannot understand it nor the reason of it.
  3. The problem is, you neither asked nor listened.
  4. By the way, neither Alex nor I drink.
  5. The virus cannot live in immunized individuals, nor in nature.

What is the difference between neither and nor?

I’m not sure. Neither shirt fits me very well. (Adjective)

  • Neither of the speakers has arrived yet. (Pronoun)
  • After the fight,he neither called nor wrote. (Conjunction)
  • If you don’t want to go to the concert,neither do I. (Adverb)
  • How to use either, neither, or, and nor correctly?

    Use the either-or and neither-nor pairs to refer to the one or the other of two alternatives. Either-or affirms each of two alternatives, while neither-nor simultaneously negates them. Examples. Either my mother or my father will call. Neither the pizza nor the ice-cream is here.

    Which is correct either or neither?

    – After neither and either you use a singular verb: Neither candidate was selected for the job. – Neither of and either of are followed by a plural noun or pronoun and a singular or plural verb. – When neither… nor… or either… or… are used with two singular nouns, the verb can be

    What is the difference between neither and neither?

    Note: “either” is used in an affirmative sense. The selection is between two persons or things. “neither “is used in a negative sense and here also the selection is between two persons or t. Continue Reading. 1. “Either” and “neither’ are distributive pronouns when they refer to persons or things taken one at a time.