How do you make a clock for kids activity?

How do you make a clock for kids activity?

While you sit with your children and help them make their clocks, you can also teach them how to read time….Here are ten great ways on how to make wall clocks for kids.

  1. Paper Plate Clock.
  2. Car Clock.
  3. Colour Wheel Clock.
  4. Candy Stick Clock.
  5. Wrist Watch Clock.
  6. Activities Clock.
  7. Penguin Clock.
  8. Face Clock.

How do you make a clock out of a paper plate?

Make and Attach the Paper Plate Clock Hands

  1. Draw two rectangles on a sheet of card stock.
  2. Cut the rectangles out with scissors.
  3. Cut a point on one short edge of each rectangle with scissors.
  4. Turn the paper plate over and mark the center of the plate with a pen, pencil, or marker.

How do you make a paper clock for teaching time?


  1. Cut 1 8-inch circle out of the white paper and another 8-inch circle out of the green paper.
  2. With the leftover green paper, cut about a 4-inch arrow that will represent the minute hand.
  3. On the white part of the clock, write the hour hands going around with black marker.
  4. Write hour and minute on each hand.

How do you make a cardboard clock for kids?

Clock design instructions:

  1. Flip the plates upside down on the cardboard and trace them with pencil onto the cardboard.
  2. Then, cut the circles out.
  3. Glue colored construction paper onto the front to make the face of the clock.
  4. Use a ruler and start by marking 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the small circle.

How do you make a clock with cardboard?

How can I make a clock?

How to Make a Clock

  1. Select and prepare your base. You can turn almost anything into a clock base, as long as you can drill a hole in it.
  2. Choose your clock mechanism.
  3. Drill a hole in the base.
  4. Add your decorations.
  5. Assemble and hang your clock.

How do you make a working clock with cardboard?

How do you make an easy clock out of cardboard?