How do you trigger Paracel Storm Levolution?

How do you trigger Paracel Storm Levolution?

Paracel Storm Just off the beach, between the carrier base and the island, there is battle ship that is crashed up against a spinning turbine. As the match progresses, a storm will slowly start to roll in and eventually, as the skies darken, the turbine will get hit with lightning and catch fire.

Is Battlefield 2042 a sequel to Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 2042 is a direct sequel to Battlefield 4. Battlefield 2042 drops players into a semi-futuristic setting that brings back characters from past games, including Irish and the No-Pats. Learn more about the game’s setting and the new war being waged across the globe!

Which maps are NS maps BF4?


  • Lost Islands.
  • Nansha Strike.
  • Wave Breaker.
  • Operation Mortar.

Where is Paracel Storm located?

Paracel Storm
Location Paracel Islands, South China Sea
Terrain Island
Mode(s) All
Combat Combined Arms Warfare

How do you spawn the Megalodon in Battlefield 4?

This Easter Egg was discovered by the Youtuber JackFrags on the 4th of April 2014….How to Trigger the Massive Shark

  1. 10 players are needed to bait out the shark.
  2. Load Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC, specifically the map Nansha Strike.
  3. Head out to the water’s lonely buoy with 9 other suicidal players, just outside of C.

How much did it cost to make BF 2042?

A Reporter’s Leak About ‘Battlefield 2042’ May Have Cost EA $2 Billion And Gamers Are Stunned.

What Battlefield should I play in 2021?

However if you’re looking for the Battlefield game with the healthiest community of players, Battlefield V is a strong choice. It has repeatedly been the most-played game in Steam, most recently in September 2021 with a respectable peak of 76,456 players during a free weekend period.

What is Naval Strike BF4?

Description. Battlefield 4™ Naval Strike is one of five expansion packs included in Battlefield 4™ Premium. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in BF4 to four all-new maps set in the South China Sea. Blow open a crashed passenger plane in the tropical Lost Islands.