How do you use Bridge City Kerfmaker?

How do you use Bridge City Kerfmaker?

Step 1: Set the orange slider to the kerf of the blade. Step 2: Set the grey slider to the width of the material to go into the groove. Step 3: Using the Kerfmaker against a stop, cut one side of the groove, flip it over and cut the other side, then remove the waste. A perfect fit; guaranteed.

Are Bridge City tools made in China?

Going forward, all of our tools will be manufactured in China which includes the items we ship to Lee Valley.

What is a Kerfmaker?

A kerfmaker is initially set by you for the thickness of your cutting tool (saw blade, router bit, bandsaw blade). From that point, it allows you to set the kerfmaker for the thickness of a piece of work so you can make a precise dado for that piece without further measuring. Materials.

What is the space between two protruding teeth on a saw blade called?

Gullet (handsaw) The space between a saw’s teeth, where the saw dust is carried out.

Who bought Bridge City tools?

Harvey Industries Co.
– Bridge City Tool Works, a respected manufacturer of heirloom-quality woodworking hand tools, is being acquired by Harvey Industries Co.

Where are Bridge City tools made?

Nanjing, China
The line of tools is on display at the Bridge City Tool Works Corporate Office Showroom in Montclair, California and our manufacturing facility is located Nanjing, China.

Why is it called a kerf?

Etymology. From Middle English kerf, kirf, kyrf, from Old English cyrf (“an act of cutting, a cutting off; a cutting instrument”), from Proto-Germanic *kurbiz (“a cut; notch”), from Proto-Indo-European *gerbʰ- (“to scratch”).

What is a dado joint?

A dado joint, also sometimes referred to as a housing joint, is a very strong type of carpentry joint commonly across a variety of woodworking projects and especially cabinets and shelving. A dado cut creates a channel that runs along the length of a workpiece into which a coordinating piece is secured.

What does TCG mean in saw blades?

triple chip grind
TCG Grind This saw blade tip geometry is a triple chip grind (TCG) commonly used to cut non-ferrous metals and composite materials such as laminated particleboard, MDF and other panel materials.

What does ATB mean on a saw blade?

ALTERNATE TOP BEVEL. (ATB) Alternate right top bevel and left top bevel. Used on saw blades for general purpose and crosscutting natural wood & veneered plywood.

What do you like about Bridge City kerfmaker?

Bridge City Kerfmaker, a great little tool to add to my collection. Maybe it’s the feeling of smashing something into submission idk but then to use that to hang up my new big brother version of the @bridge_city_tool_works kerf maker was extremely rewarding!

What is a kerfmaker jig?

Breaking in my new kerfmaker jig and after figuring out how to get it set up right (I had some growing pains with that) it made some perfect dados! It’s a pretty clever little jig that compensates for the blade kerf and then takes into account the thickness of whatever your trying to fit in that kerf to make a perfect dado.

What is the KM-1 kerfmaker?

The KM-1 KerfMaker is an ingenious little tool that makes sizing grooves and dado cuts painlessly easy. It is unbelievably fast and accurate. We can’t imagine how you can get anything other than dead perfect results. Precision milled from aluminum, this tool is sure to be one of your most cherished shop aids.