How fast is a CR 125r?

How fast is a CR 125r?

The CR125 model can reach the top speed of 120.0 km/h, which is about 74.6 mph, with ease.

How much horsepower does a Honda 125 2 stroke have?

The Honda CR 125 R has 31.00 HP (22.6 kW) @ 11000 RPM.

How fast does a CR125 2 Stroke go?

Honda CR 125 Specs With this drive-train, the Honda CR 125 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 120.0 km/h (74.6 mph) .

How much is a Honda 125r?

2021 Honda Trail 125 Claimed Specifications

MSRP: $3,899
Engine: 125cc, SOHC, air-cooled single; 2-valve
Bore x Stroke: 52.4 x 57.9mm
Transmission/Final Drive: 4-speed semi-automatic/chain
Fuel Delivery: PGM fuel injection w/ 24mm throttle body

Which is better CR125 or YZ125?

The powerband of the CR125 is not so user-friendly. It is pretty short and abrupt, so you have to be quick to change gear and stay at optimum RPM. On the other hand, with the wider powerband of YZ125, it’s much easier to keep your speed up. Here, the Yamaha has a clear advantage in terms of ride-ability.

How fast is a cr85 go?

130mph with a tailwind with a monster enery drink can on the shock resivior…

Is a cr125 reliable?

This bike makes it so easy to go fast and is the most reliable bike I have ever had.

Does a crf125 have a clutch?

Honda’s heavy-duty clutch is durable and helps promote smooth shifting.

How much does a CR85 cost?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Youth
BASE MSRP(US) $2,899.00 Find Your Local Honda Dealer
Dealers Honda Dealers
Warranty 0

How much HP does a CR85 have?

25.83 HP
Water cooled, 85cc, Single, 2-stroke, Reed valve

Power: 25.83 HP (19 kW) @ 12000 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Curb weight: 176.4 lbs
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