How fast is a GTI Stage 2?

How fast is a GTI Stage 2?

Stage 2 GTI 0-60 mph under 5 seconds.

What is stage 2 on a GTI?

The Stage 2+ builds upon the existing recommended hardware in the mountune52 Stage 1 upgrade and in addition replaces the existing turbocharger with the latest-spec IS38 (as used natively on the Golf R).

What year GTI should be avoided?

The Consumer Report VW GTI reliability studies recommend avoiding the 2010 and 2012 GTI models completely. In fact, 2012 is rated as the worst Volkswagen GTI model year ever reported. Model years 2013 and 2014 proved to be a bit more reliable, yet there were still numerous reports of 2014 VW GTI reliability problems.

What engine does a Golf 2 GTI have?

The Volkswagen Golf 2 GTI has a – 4, Petrol engine with 1781 cm3 / 108.7 cu-in capacity.

How much HP does a Stage 2 tune add?

Stage 2: this is typically referred to an engine with a performance cam upgrade as well as the other components within a Stage 1 combination. A typical Stage 2 has generally +20-25% more HP than stock.

How Much Is a Stage 2 tune for a Golf GTI?

If you add a dump pipe to your list of modifications, then you would need a revised tune to suit – and it your case it would be “stage 2+”. Gave APR a call, price for tune is $250 if I do go with the APR downpipe.

How Much Is a Stage 2 tune GTI?

Hello all, future GTI owner here. I plan on getting a MK7 in the next week or so. I am going to get it tuned ASAP. For the stage 1 the only authorized dealer in my state is quoting $840 for a stage 1 apr tune and $2200 for a stage 2.

Is Golf GTI expensive to maintain?

How Frequently Does a Volkswagen Gti require maintenance? Overall – the Volkswagen Gti has yearly car maintenance costs total to $791 .

Are GTIs fast?

It has a top speed of 155 mph which makes it the fastest Volkswagen model on the market. Furthermore, it has a 6-speed DSG automatic gearbox that can rev up to 8,000 rpm and shift gears as fast as 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds.

Is a Mk2 Golf GTI a good investment?

Volkswagen Golf Mk2: our verdict There’s no question that the Mk2 is a great all-rounder. It’s becoming ever more popular, so should result in a fairly decent investment if you buy right in the first place. Naturally, the bigger the pile of history that comes with the car, the better.