How long is the Sirio gain master?

How long is the Sirio gain master?

18 feet long
New SIRIO Gain Master HW(half-wave) 10m/CB Antenna This is the very latest version called the HW (Half-wave) which is the smaller version of the original 5/8 wave antenna. This new model is just 18 feet long and should be better for locations were high winds are an issue.

What is gain Master?

Gain-Master™ is a 0.625λ high tech fiberglass. base station antenna for wide band antenna from 10m to 12m* amateur band. completely designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximum gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth.

What is a 5’8 wave CB antenna?

Vertical antennas includes: The five eights wavelength vertical is used as it retains all the advantages of the quarter wavelength vertical antenna for various two way radio communications applications where it provides an omnidirectional radiation pattern as a result of its vertical element.

Does gain affect sound quality?

Gain absolutely affects the sound quality, as it determines how your system is reacting to the signal that you are feeding it. If your gain is too low, you’ll get tons of noise. If it’s too high, your system will clip or distort.

What is the gain of a 5’8 wave antenna?

5λ/8 vertical antenna gain In an ideal world, it is found that a five eighths wavelength vertical antenna could exhibit a gain of close to 4 dBd, i.e. 4 dB gain over a quarter wave vertical.

How do I know if my amp gain is too high?

If your head units volume control goes to say 50, and your system is maxed out at setting 20, your gains are too high, if you get to 50 and it still isn’t starting to distort, they’re too low.

What happens if gain is too high?

If the gain is too high at the input stage, your audio will reach the point of distortion or clipping. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you are going for, as you might want to get some distortion with an amplifier, though you might want a clean tone for digital audio.

What should my gain be set at?

Turn the stereo up to 2/3 the max volume. This is the best range to use when setting gain because you avoid overworking the stereo head. If you overwork the stereo head you could end up sending distorted sounds to your amplifier.

What is the difference between 1/4 wave and 5/8 wave antenna?

With a normal sloped roof shape and mid-car size ground, the 1/4 wave has -6.59dBi at 2 degrees TO. Maximum gain is 3.05dBi. 5/8th wave gain is now 1.95 dB over a 1/4 wave antenna at 2 degrees, but the peak gain is only .

What is the Sirio gain-Master?

The Sirio Gain-Master is a high tech fibreglass base station antenna for CB and 10m amateur band. Completely designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximum gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth. Engineered with the most advanced available technologies it is completly manufactured in Italy with high quality materials.

What is the maximum power the gain master can handle?

Despite Sirio’s advise to limit power to no more than 500W, I’ve witnessed the Gain Master accepts peaks of 800W during extended QSO’s in SSB mode. Price? I have no regrets for having waited to save the extra $$ needed to buy a quality product.

What is a gain-master antenna?

According to my friends at Sirio, the Gain-Master is a 0.625λ high tech fiberglass base station antenna for 10—12m. Made of telescopic fiberglass tubes and DC-grounded for protection from static discharges, this antenna was designed by electromagnetic simulation to help it achieve maximum gain; also to optimize the bandwidth and radiation pattern.

How does the gain Master decoupling work?

The coaxial coil at the bottom of the Gain Master apparently works like an RF-choke for optimal decoupling from mast and feed-line. CB Radio Magazine has published an interesting review of the antenna and testing against the IMAX 2000.