How many Buddha-Bar CDs are there?

How many Buddha-Bar CDs are there?

The packaging with a running serial number naturally makes it a collector’s item, in a lovely colour of lapis lazuli with signature gold logo and name of Buddha-Bar, and a fold out of all 12 CDs.

Who owns Buddha-Bar?

About Buddha-Bar Born from the visionary imagination of its founder Raymond Visan, then owner in Paris of the famous Barfly and in perpetual search for novelties through his numerous trips, notably to California, this restaurant-bar-lounge in the very chic Faubourg St Honoré, quickly became a “Must” of Parisian nights.

What type of music is Buddha-Bar?

Since its opening, the Buddha-Bar’s musical identity has embodied an innovative and avant-garde aspect, thanks to the subtle mixture of captivating Electro-Ethnic rhythms and tribal sounds, played each evening by a resident DJ.In perfect harmony with the restaurant’s décor and atmosphere, this poignant and constantly …

Where did Buddha-Bar come from?

The Buddha-Bar is a bar, restaurant, and hotel franchise created by French-Romanian restaurateur Raymond Vișan and DJ and interior designer Claude Challe, with its original location having opened in Paris, France in 1996.

When did Buddha-Bar Paris Open?

The first Buddha-bar opened in Paris in 1996. The concept and idea belong Raymond Visan, whose creation was not only a place of pastime, but also a set of values ​​that connect the eastern and western civilizations.

When did Buddha-Bar reopen?

Buddha Bar reopened as Ajna Bar in September 2009 as its partners continued to engage in an epic a battle over trademarks and money.

Who is Buddha’s Lounge?

Your Destination for Rejuvenation – The Buddha Lounge series began in Europe on BSC Music under the guidance of Christoph Buhring-Uhle, where is quickly became a bestselling phenomenon due to it’s seductive blend of downtempo electronica and world music made by some of the most creative artists and DJs from around the …

What are Buddha Bars?

Hungry Buddha Bars are a great post-workout pick-me-up, perfect for a mid-day snack, or any time you need a healthy bite on-the-go. Plant-Powered – Up to 10g of pea protein. Clean – No GMOs, gluten, palm oils, artificial sweeteners, dairy & soy. MCT Oil – Healthy fats & sustained energy.

Are kids allowed in Buddha Bar Paris?

No, kids under 18 are not allowed ! over a year ago.

Where is Gautama Buddha born?

Lumbini Province, NepalGautama Buddha / Place of birth

Are Buddha bars healthy?

The keto snack bars also do not contain any gluten, soy, palm oils, sugar oils. Packed with healthy fats from MCT oil and sunflower seed butter, the Hungry Buddha Keto Bars have 11g of fat, 9g of plant-protein, 2g or less of sugar, and only 4g of net carbs in each 40g bar.

When did Buddha Bar Paris Open?