How many levels are in Red Ball 4?

How many levels are in Red Ball 4?

Red Ball 4 has you travel through a series of levels that feature fairly simple platforming challenges, physics puzzles, and basic combat. Each chapter of the game constitutes one world and contains 15 levels, with the last one being a boss battle instead of a normal level.

How do you play Red Ball 4?

Do this by rolling your way through the levels, solving puzzles, pushing boxes around, and jumping over obstacles. The arrow keys are used to move around, here; you’ll collect stars along the way to secure a high score. Watch out for enemies, and make sure that your timing is on point, and you’re sure to succeed!

Is Red Ball 4 free?

Play Red Ball 4 Instantly in Browser Play Red Ball 4 online for free with mobile cloud.

Is there a red ball 5?

Red Ball 5 is one of the most interesting bouncing ball games. If you have been interested in the earlier versions of Red Ball, you cannot ignore this version, Red Ball 5. With the simple control, attractive features and challenging adventures, Red Ball 5 can be regarded as one of the best bounce ball game!

Who made Red Ball 4?

FDG Entertainment
Yohoho Games
Red Ball 4/Developers

Is there a red ball 10?

This is a click screen surprise entertainment game. Each one of casual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprise pictures Oh! You must keep the red ball bouncing until the number is zero.

Who invented Red Ball 4?

Red Ball is a series of platformer games created by Evgeniy Fedoseev.

How Much Is Red Ball 4?

FOR ONLY 1.99 ITS THE BEST before you would have to wait a long time to refill the life’s to play but with the PREMIUM you don’t have to wait at all! And don’t get me started with the UNLIMITED LIFES OMG THATS THE BEST!

When did Red Ball 3 come out?

Red Ball 3 was released sometime in 2011.

How many levels are in Red Ball 3?

In Red Ball 3, there are more than 20 different levels, all full of the cruelest traps and obstacles imaginable. Beating almost all the levels isn’t especially complicated – the hard part is really getting all three stars in every one.

Is there a Red Ball 3?

Red Ball 3: Jump for Love.