How many Marvel Eternals comics are there?

How many Marvel Eternals comics are there?

Eternals (comics)

Number of issues (vol. 1) 19, 1 Annual (vol. 2) 12 (vol. 3) 7 (vol. 4) 9, 1 Annual (vol. 5) 4 (as of April 21, 2021)
Creative team
Writer(s) Jack Kirby (vol. 1) Kieron Gillen (vol. 5)
Artist(s) Esad Ribíc (vol. 5)

How much is the Eternals comic book worth?

The mint condition value of The Eternals #1 is $7,500. That value is based on the highest-rated copy to sell publicly, a 9.8 NM/M with the $. 30 price variant sold in September 2020, which is an increase from its May 2014 value of $1,180.

Where can I read Eternals comics?

Eternals by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. The seven-issue saga sets up events for the future, as a small group of Eternals search for their fellow species to “wake” them from their amnesia. Here it is on Amazon.

Is Thanos a deviant in Eternals?

Not an Eternal, not yet a Deviant Thanos is an Eternal, yes, but he’s also a Deviant.

Did Stan Lee create the Eternals?

Jack Kirby, who with Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor and many more, was the writer and artist who created the Eternals for Marvel Comics in 1976. Kirby created many of the best-known heroes in comics.

Who made the Eternals?

The Celestials, gigantic and inscrutable ur-gods, created both the Eternals and their nemeses, the Deviants, alongside humanity but distinct from it, from a prehistoric ape.

What Eternals comic should I read first?

The 1976 series starting with “The Eternals” #1 is the original begnning point for the group. You’ll see the Eternals revealed as the inspiration for all human myths as they reappear on Earth right on time for the return of the incomprehensible Celestials.

Why didn’t Avengers help Eternals?

More specifically, they don’t interfere with humans because their priority is the Deviants, the main enemy of the Eternals since their creation. Feige and Moore say the movie will address why the Eternals didn’t volunteer to help the Avengers both in defeating Thanos and in helping the world recover post-Endgame.