How much does TCF exam cost?

How much does TCF exam cost?

TCF Exam Fees

Tests FIAF Member Non-Member
Oral Expression $100 (INR 7,431) $115 (INR 8,545)
Written Expression $100 (INR 7,431) $115 (INR 8,545)
Compulsory Tests + Oral + Written $350 (INR 26,008) $385 (INR 28,609)
Exam Transfer Fees $50 (INR 3,715)

Where can I take TEF exam?

The International English Language Testing System (General test) can be taken through Cambridge Assessment English, IDP Australia and The British Council. The Test d’évaluation de français (TEF Canada) can be taken through The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Which is easier between TEF and TCF?

Both TEF & TCF could be used as French tests for immigration to Canada and both have the same level of difficulty, so we can say that choosing between the IRCC approved language test is up to the candidate’s personal preferences.

How long does it take to prepare for TCF?

How Long does it take to clear TEF or TCF? As per the curriculum and previous papers, you need CLB 7 of TEFAQ, TCF Quebec, TEF, or TCF Canada exams. CLB 7 is more or less equivalent to DELF B2. Generally, it takes 600-800 hours of classroom studies to complete the entire course of B2.

Is TCF Canada paper based?

The TEF Canada is available in two versions: computer-based (reading and listening modules) and paper-based (reading, listening and writing modules).

How do I prepare for the TCF exam?

To get a good TCF score, it’s important to prepare several weeks in advance. The goal is not only to revise your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in French, but also to get familiarized with the TCF format, its instructions and standard exercises while learning to manage your time.

Can I take TEF online?

Can I take TEF online? No. There is e-TEF, an online version that measures your reading and listening comprehension and written expression skills through computer tests. However, you can only appear for these exams at the authorized test centers.

How much does TEF test cost?

4. Fees and Payment

Test Total (tx.incl)
Vocabulary/Structure $105.00
Written Expression $105.00
Oral Expression $110.00
TEF Canada or TEFAQ $425

Is the TCF hard?

Overall, it is a massive time game and to finish all questions on time, you will have to rush through the easy questions like crazy. In TCF, the questions get progressively difficult and yet I found that although they did become quite hard towards the end, they were not quite as challenging as the questions in TEF.

Which is better DELF or TCF?

If you just need a language ability score and CEFR level then TCF will do that for you. If you want a certificate to show you have a specific level of ability, then DELF is for you. If you just want to see what your language level is, TCF will do this for you but you will have to pay extra for the optional skill tests.

Is TCF test hard?

TCf (test de Connaissance du français) is a language proficiency test for non-native French speakers who want to evaluate and certify their level of French for the purpose of professional, academic or personal reasons. The test contains oral and writing comprehension and is not considered as hard.

What is the minimum TCF score required for Canada immigration?

To qualify for Canada immigration, you must have a score of seven or higher. Like English, there are two testing systems for French as well—TEF Canada: Test d’évaluation de français and TCF test de connaissance du français.