How much is a Hitachi table saw worth?

How much is a Hitachi table saw worth?

about $480
Hitachi Table Saw Review Value. The Hitachi Table Saw retails for about $480.

Does Hitachi make good table saws?

The stable and powerful Hitachi table saw is packed with features that any Pro should love, including the largest rip capacity in its class. It’s built for soup-to-nuts work from dimensional lumber to sheet materials. The cutting, folding, and transporting features work remarkably well.

Where are Metabo saws made?

The saw is made in China. In summary, the Metabo is definitely worth a strong consideration.

What size blade does a Hitachi table saw use?

The Hitachi 10” Job Site Table Saws 10” blade can bevel between 0° to 45°. The depth of cut at 0° is 3-1/8” and 45° is 2-1/4”. Both the bevel scale and bevel height adjustment knobs for the blade are on the saws front panel and is easy to see, access and operate.

Why did Hitachi change to Metabo?

The reason for the name change is that they are no longer part of the large corporation known as Hitachi, which sells everything from consumer products to automotive equipment. Hitachi acquired Metabo a few years ago, and last year both brands were sold by Hitachi to KKR, a private equity firm.

Is Metabo same as Hitachi?

In October 2018, Metabo HPT became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America – formerly part of the Hitachi group. Same tools, only with a new name in North America. For over 70 Years, we have been an innovator in the Power Tool Industry with favorites like the slide miter saw and the cordless impact driver.

Is Metabo still made in Germany?

Every Metabo tool encompasses true German engineering and ingenuity. We have been developing innovative ideas in our plant located in Nürtingen, Germany since 1924, then turning them into pioneering tools and accessories for professional users across the globe.

Is Metabo as good as Hitachi?

In a nutshell, Metabo HPT is just a different name and nothing else. The tools are the same, the warranty is the same, the batteries are the same. Batteries like the Hitachi MultiVolt will work in Metabo HPT MultiVolt tools. Hitachi 18V batteries will work in Metabo HPT 18V tools and vice versa.