How old is REKI sk8?

How old is REKI sk8?


Birthdate Age
August 8 17

How old are REKI Langa?

This is just the general rule but it’s usually right. There are exceptions to this rule, like Langa who moved from Canada and so he’s a year older than everyone else in his grade. Reki is only 16 but Langa is listed as 17 on his job application.

Does REKI Kyan siblings?

Koyomi Kyan ( 喜屋武 きやん 月 こよ 日 み , Kiyan Koyomi?) is the eldest of Reki Kyan’s younger sisters.

Does REKI enter the tournament?

Synopsis: Langa enters the tournament that will determine the apex of “S”. However, Reki isn’t going to enter. Due to his inferiority complex against Langa, Reki separates himself from him. The absence of Reki drops a shadow onto Langa’s heart as the tournament qualifiers begin.

Is REKI Kyan a girl?

Reki Kyan ( 喜屋武 きゃん 暦 れき , Kyan Reki?) is a teenager in his second year of high school who loves skateboarding. He frequently attends the underground skateboarding race “S” and is close friends with Langa Hasegawa, who got wrapped up in the race with him. Reki is the main protagonist of the SK8 the Infinity anime.

Does Langa have a crush on REKI?

Langa is shown to have a canon crush on Reki, it can be proven in episode 8 when being asked by his mom if he liked [Reki], asking by “person” if not Reki’s name, and Langa affirmed with a blush while looking away in embarrassment .

Is Langa and REKI canon?

Canon. Langa is introduced as a Canadian transfer student, attending the same class as Reki. While on the street looking for a part-time job, Langa encounters Reki once more, by stopping his skateboard from rolling down the road. Reki offers Langa a chance to ride his board.

Does REKI love Langa?

It’s ambiguous about Langa’s feelings towards Reki, this caused a controversial discussion between fans that were implying that his feelings were either platonic or romantic, though the most accepted fact was that Langa’s feelings were romantic.

Who won Adam and REKI?

Despite losing a lot of ground in the rain after assaulting Reki, Adam manages to catch up after Reki’s wheel breaks. Adam wins.

Is Sk8 a bl?

There is currently no indication that Sk8 the Infinity is planning a same-sex romance. Sk8 the Infinity’s possible queerness, on the other hand, feels more genuine and less like queerbaiting because of the lack of overt indications.

Who is REKI crush?

I knew this was gonna be the ship of the series. All you gotta do is watch the opening. Reki’s boy crush wonderment on the amazing new guy, Langa, and Langa’s quiet smiles over Reki’s excitement over skateboarding are the stuff sports anime ships are made of. But it turns out SK8 had bigger plans for these two.

Does Langa canonically have a crush on REKI?