How should I answer questions at beginning of Kingdom Hearts?

How should I answer questions at beginning of Kingdom Hearts?

To summarize, if you want to level up fast in the early game, select the top answer for each question. To have a neutral leveling experience, choose the second option, and to level up quickly later on in the late game choose the third option.

Do the questions matter in kh1?

Yes, these answers will affect how fast your character will gain levels during the game. The three different results possible are: Gaining levels at an average / standard rate throughout the game. Gaining levels quickly early in the game, and then slower later in the game.

What is the best choices in Kingdom Hearts?

For many Kingdom Hearts veterans, particularly those who like to play on higher difficulties, the Shield might be the best choice to make when starting a new playthrough.

What should you choose at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts?

Which Starting Weapon is the Best in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix? The best weapon to choose at the start of Kingdom Hearts is the Dream Shield. It is by no means the flashiest pick between the sword and the rod, but it comes with an ability order that is useful and versatile.

How do I increase my AP in Kingdom Hearts?

The overall AP can be increased by leveling up, using items such as AP Boost, or wearing equipment that will increase the overall AP. If the player does not have enough AP, they cannot equip certain skills until they have more AP, or if they choose to remove other abilities.

Does it matter what you choose in Kingdom Hearts?

If you choose the first options, your journey will begin at dawn; Sora will level up “fast” from levels 1 to 50 but will level up “slow” from levels 51 to 99. If you choose the middle options you will begin at midday, meaning you will level up at a consistent pace all the way.

Do your choices matter in Kingdom Hearts?

If you want advice on what to choose regarding abilities, that’s completely your own personal decision. No matter what, you’ll always have the same abilities by the time you reach level 100. As for stats, the choice should be between choosing the shield and staff.

What happens if you choose the shield in Kingdom Hearts?

Tip: If playing on proud mode choose the sheild and sacrifice the staff as it will enable you to get the abilities Guard, Leaf Bracer and Second Chance earlier. These abilities are important as they allow you to block, heal without interruption and survive with 1 Hp after taking massive damage.

Is Sora owned by Disney?

Does Disney own Sora? Yes, it appears that the character of Sora is owned by Disney, who owns Kingdom Hearts, even though the gaming company Square Enix develops the characters and gameplay for Kingdom Hearts (KH).

Are AP boosts permanent?

AP Boost (also called AP Up) is an item that can be obtained in the Kingdom Hearts series. AP Boosts will increase your overall AP (Ability Points) permanently by one. The item can only be used in the Items Menu when obtained.