Is Derek Carr top 10 quarterback?

Is Derek Carr top 10 quarterback?

He’s not. He’s close. But there are at least 10 quarterbacks who are objectively better than Carr, currently. In no particular order: Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Russell Wilson.

Is Patrick Mahomes better than Derek Carr?

Derek Carr Stats | FantasyPros….Patrick Mahomes II vs. Derek Carr.

Patrick Mahomes II QB – KC Patrick Mahomes II QB – KC Derek Carr QB – LV Derek Carr QB – LV
Percentage 66.3 68.4
Yards 4,828 4,804
Yds/Att 7.3 7.7
TD 37 23

Is Derek Carr the best Raiders quarterback?

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was ranked at No. 10 on the NFL’s list of top starting QBs during the 2021 season. It was a memorable year for NFL quarterbacks this season.

How many interceptions has Derek Carr thrown 2021?

14 interceptions
Derek Carr had a passer rating of 94.0 with 4,804 yards, 23 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 17 games in 2021. Not what you’re looking for?

Is Derek Carr better than Jimmy garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo Stats | FantasyPros….Derek Carr vs. Jimmy Garoppolo.

Derek Carr QB – LV Derek Carr QB – LV Jimmy Garoppolo QB – SF Jimmy Garoppolo QB – SF
Percentage 68.4 68.3
Yards 4,804 3,810
Yds/Att 7.7 8.6
TD 23 20

Is Derek Carr better than Kirk Cousins?

Derek Carr Stats | FantasyPros….Kirk Cousins vs. Derek Carr.

Kirk Cousins QB – MIN Kirk Cousins QB – MIN Derek Carr QB – LV Derek Carr QB – LV
Attempts 561 626
Percentage 66.3 68.4
Yards 4,221 4,804
Yds/Att 7.5 7.7

Is the Raiders quarterback good?

The Las Vegas Raiders have a legitimate franchise quarterback in Derek Carr, but he is a player who has divided the fan base. In the whole scope of the NFL in terms of the quarterback position, Carr is one of the best, but the wins have not followed him in the Silver and Black.

Who has thrown the most interceptions in the NFL 2021?

Matthew Stafford and Trevor Lawrence were tied for the most intercepted passes in 2021, with 17 interceptions.

Does Derek Carr hold any NFL records?

Raiders’ Derek Carr holds all-time NFL record for late-game heroics. Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is the first man in NFL history with 5 game-winning touchdowns in the fourth quarter or overtime in a…

What’s derek Carr’s passer rating?


2020 Las Vegas Raiders 101.4
2018 Las Vegas Raiders 93.9
2017 Las Vegas Raiders 86.4
2016 Las Vegas Raiders 96.7

Who is better Russell Wilson or Derek Carr?

Russell Wilson Stats | FantasyPros….Derek Carr vs. Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson QB – DEN Russell Wilson QB – DEN Derek Carr QB – LV Derek Carr QB – LV
Percentage 64.8 68.4
Yards 3,113 4,804
Yds/Att 7.8 7.7
TD 25 23

Is Derek Carr a good fantasy pick?

Most Fantasy managers also forgot about Carr’s hot start to 2021 when he averaged 21.4 Fantasy points per game through Week 7 with Henry Ruggs a part of the team. He’s more than capable of being a good Fantasy passer and now he’s been gifted one of the league’s best wide receivers.