Is Dragon Ball AF over?

Is Dragon Ball AF over?

Akira Toriyama publicly stated that he had no intention of continuing the series (which he finished in 1995), though he has drawn a “parody” series, Nekomajin, in which several Dragon Ball characters appear, a one-shot crossover between Dragon Ball and One Piece, in collaboration with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda.

Is DragonBall AF official?

DragonBall AF (Awesome fiction) is the Official Fan-Made Series 120 Years after the Events of the Frieza Saga. NOTE: ALL THE INFORMATION YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS BASED ON MY INFORMATION AND MAY OR MAY NOT BE REAL, DO NOT TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY.

Is Dragon Ball AF Canon to GT?

It is canon and non canon at the same time, and is a sequel, but not a main series. Dragon Ball GT may seem to be like a main series, but it is not actually main. It is a minor series, which was created by Toei Animation.

What does Dragon Ball AF stand for?

Others have said that it’s not Goku at all, rather his son Xicor. The AF logo was completely fabricated, but even so, fans speculated what it could mean. It was rumored to stand for “After Future,” because the series took place 200 years after the end of GT.

Is ssj4 stronger than SSB?

Super Saiyan Blue, however, is a stage beyond. It stands to reason, then, that Super Saiyan Blue as a form is significantly stronger than Super Saiyan 4. It would be like comparing Goku’s base form to his first Super Saiyan form in terms of power.

Why is Xicor evil?

Xicor, also known as Zaiko, is the main antagonist of Toyble’s Dragon Ball AF. He is the actually the youngest son of Goku, due to deceitfulness and trickery casted by the vengeful Western Supreme Kai. Thus making him part Saiyan and part Kai.

Is Frieza half Kai?

Frieza was actually West Supreme Kai’s first son and though she wanted to rule the universe by using Frieza as her tool, she was actually stronger than Frieza.