Is FLIR tool free?

Is FLIR tool free?

FLIR Tools® is a powerful, free software solution that allows you to quickly import, edit, and analyze images, and turn them into professional PDF inspection reports.

What is FLIR tool?

FLIR Tools® Mobile lets you stream live video to your mobile device from most FLIR thermal cameras with Wi-Fi capability (excl. C3 and Ex-Series), allowing you to monitor from a safe distance and show others what the camera is seeing as it happens.

How do I contact FLIR?

You can also Request a new RMA, Update existing RMA, or with any questions call us at 1-866-FLIR-911 Opt 2.

What is the best thermal camera app?

Seek Thermal is the best way to experience and visualize thermal energy while on the go, at work, indoors, or in the outdoors. With this free app and a Seek thermal imaging camera, you can quickly and accurately detect, inspect, measure, and visualize thermal energy from your smartphone or tablet.

Is there a FLIR app for iPhone?

Yes. There is a free FLIR One iPhone app. The app lets you use the camera, measure temperatures and take both pictures and videos.

Where is FLIR located?

Teledyne FLIR

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Wilsonville, Oregon, U.S.45.32065°N 122.7647°W Arlington, Virginia
Key people James J. Cannon, President & CEO Carol P. Lowe, CFO Earl R. Lewis, Chairman William W. Crouch, Director
Products Thermal imaging, infrared
Revenue $1.923 billion (2020)

How do I access my FLIR camera?

To setup the cameras, you can connect them to the router’s local ports. Download FLIR IP Config and run the application. You should see the camera listed, along with its IP address and MAC address. Click the gear icon to change the camera’s IP address.

How do I connect FLIR to my computer?

How can I connect my FLIR Ethernet camera to FLIR Tools?

  1. Open Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Select FLIR Tools from the list.
  3. Click the Change button.
  4. Click the Options button and click “Network Camera Support”. Then continue with the installation.

Can I use my smartphone as a thermal camera?

The Thermal App is another thermal camera suitable for Android devices and is usually clipped to the sides of the smartphone. It is attached to a smartphone through a connector cord and draws its power from the device to operate.

Can a cell phone camera see infrared?

The cell phone camera is more sensitive to light than human eyes are, so it “sees” the infrared light that is invisible to us.

Can iPhone do thermal imaging?

Overview. The FLIR ONE for iOS Thermal Imaging Camera, in combination with its free app, transforms your iPhone or iPad into a powerful thermal imager.