Is Humungousaur stronger than Way Big?

Is Humungousaur stronger than Way Big?

Way Big is more stronger than Humungousaur, it was proved in the episode “Vengeance of Vilgax:Part 2” Humungousaur was defeated by Vilgax, Ben wanted to become Way Big and defeat him as he defeated in his last battle.

Is Vilgax stronger than Humungousaur?

Humungousaur was sadly defeated by Vilgax every time and the biggest defeat was in Vengeance of Vilgax Part 2. Four Arms defeated Princess Looma but Humungousaur was defeated by her. Still Humungousaur in manny battles was very good, and so was Four Arms.

How strong is ultimate humungousaur?

Ultimate Humungousaur is exponentially stronger than Humungousaur, even when at full size. He is strong enough to lift and throw a To’kustar in record timing and make a giant crater in the ground by punching it.

Who would win ultimate humungousaur vs Hulk?

Ultimate Humungousaur is easily superior from this point of view, as he is more than double the size of hulk(hulk is 8 feet, ul. Humungousaur is 20 feet). Unless hulk has like a HUGE size to strength ratio difference with ultimate humungousaur, this would be an advantage for ultimate humungousaur.

Can ultimate humungousaur grow?

. According to the Cartoonnetwork Ben 10: Ultimate Alien mini-site, Ultimate Humungousaur has the ability to grow to 1 ft tall.

Who is Ultimate Swampfire?

Ultimate Swampfire was Derrick J. Wyatt’s favorite Ultimate Alien because he liked how he looked the most.

Who is faster XLR8 or FastTrack?

FastTrack again catches up before the missile explodes and he trips onto the ground. Mach 12, 9207.23 miles per hour. This is not only 11 times faster than XLR8 in the classic series, because he could only reach Mach 1, but it could mean that Fasttrack can get much faster as time goes on.

How strong is ultimate way big?

Powers and Abilities Ultimate Way Big can shoot a powerful cosmic ray as either projectiles or beams from the outer edge of his right hand by crossing his arms together. These rays are stronger than Way Big’s. Ultimate Way Big is able to create cosmic energy discs that were able to cut off one of Dagon’s tentacles.

Can four arms beat Hulk?

Hulk would tear Four Arms apart as Four Arms is the weakest of Ben 10’s main hitters as Humungousaur and Way Big are Ben’s strongest hitters and out of them only Way Big would definitely be able to beat the average Hulk so Four Arms would delay Hulk for a few minutes probably but Hulk would win in the end.

How strong is ultimate Way Big?

How big can Humungousaur get?

60 feet
Humungousaur has the power to increase or decrease his own body size and mass. He can grow bigger up to nearly 60 feet [merch 1] at will, increasing his natural strength as he grows. He can also shrink down to about 10 feet.

How strong is Ultimate Humungousaur?

Ultimate Humungousaur has very durable armor plating throughout his body, giving him enhanced durability combined with his thick skin. Ultimate Humungousaur can transform his hands into bio-gatling guns that shoot missiles, which deal major damage and can even damage and knock out a Petrosapien.

What did Ultimate Humungousaur use his tail for?

Ultimate Humungousaur’s tail has a mace-like structure at the tip, which can be used as a flail. Like Humungousaur, Ultimate Humungousaur can survive in the vacuum of space for a short time and can create shock waves by clapping his hands.

How many spikes does Humungousaur have on his back?

His back armor has long spikes running down each side, his plated chest and torso are dark blue with five spikes on each end and his tail has a blue mace on the end of it, with silver spikes. Ultimate Humungousaur’s knuckles have silver barrels on them, which he can transform into four-barreled missile launchers.

What happened to Ultimate Humungousaur in ultimate sacrifice?

In The Ultimate Sacrifice, Ultimate Humungousaur battled the Red Robot until Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur took over his body. Ultimate Humungousaur’s personality alternated between his sentient counterpart’s and Ben’s until he reverted in a way that trapped Ben inside the Ultimatrix.