Is K Kumar enough for inorganic chemistry?

Is K Kumar enough for inorganic chemistry?

K Kumars book is not just good it’s ‘DHAAKAD. ‘ the book gets you a level better than JEE ADVANCE. it’s tough for beginners of inorganic chemistry but definitely charging for someone who has gone through basics of periodic properties ,chemical bonding and salt analysis.

Is inorganic chemistry easy for JEE?

No the chemistry is probably the easiest part of JEE main. It is the section in which students score the most, probably because the questions are direct, and there is almost no calculation. The questions from Organic chemistry may be a little bit tricky but not tough.

Is inorganic chemistry important for IIT JEE?

Important chapters for JEE Main and Advanced in Inorganic Chemistry: All the topics included in Inorganic Chemistry are equally important. Therefore, don’t skip any topic from this unit as it is one of the high scoring subjects.

What is the weightage of inorganic chemistry in IIT?

Topics that are important for JEE Adv 2020

Chapters Weightage (%) Average number of questions asked from the chapters
34 % 12
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 6 % 3
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 4 % 1

Is Narendra avasthi good for JEE?

These book is not original but the author Narendra awasthi sir had written it and it is a problem solving book and not a theory book. Problems are of good level and good for jee preparation.

How is KK Giri Sir for chemistry?

KK Giri sir had taught me physical and inorganic chemistry for two years. Sir always stressed on the importance of applying basic concepts at a time when we thought inorganic chemistry was nothing but rote learning, which was a source of great encouragement to us.

How do you memorize inorganic chemistry?

The key to learning any subject is to study it regularly. Set aside an hour each day or maybe two hours every other day to focus specifically on inorganic chemistry. Read your textbook, answer practice problems, and use online resources to increase your understanding of the subject.

Which chemistry is toughest in JEE?

Qualitative analysis is the most dreaded topic of JEE Inorganic Chemistry. Memorizing colors of the compounds is a very difficult task. You can make it easier by writing the names of the compounds with the same color ink as that of the color of the compounds.

Can I skip inorganic chemistry for JEE Advanced?

So don’t leave inorganic chemistry behind as it will help you a lot in scoring marks, because in inorganic chemistry there are no numericals like physical chemistry, only you have to learn the things and if your memory is good then you can score very good in inorganic chemistry.

Can I skip organic chemistry for JEE?

If you are happy enough with NITS or some state government engineering colleges through MAINS score, then yes you can clear it.

Is 150 good in JEE mains?

150-200 marks is considered good in JEE Main. As per previous years JEE Main cut-offs and rank analysis, the score between 150-200 will likely get you admission in top NITs. You will also get qualified for JEE Advanced and IITs. Scoring 150 or 200 marks is not difficult in JEE Main.

Which is better P Bahadur or Narendra Awasthi?

Bahadur is always the best option. It has sufficient amount of solved examples and theory which can be easily understood. It even has good questions to solve. When it comes to the book Problems on physical chemistry by Narendra Avasthi the book has no solved examples.