Is LEGO DUPLO discontinued?

Is LEGO DUPLO discontinued?

Lego have made Duplo sets licensed with Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends characters. Those Duplo ranges have been discontinued, but Duplo sets now include farm, zoo, town, castle, and pirate lines.

Is DUPLO worth buying?

DUPLO is a Quality Toy You Can Pass Down While DUPLO bricks are not necessarily cheap, they are also nearly indestructible and don’t have those pesky special parts.

Is DUPLO good for 3 year olds?

Lego Duplo is perfect for three-year olds. It’s bigger than normal Lego, making it safer and easier to connect when hand-eye coordination and dexterity is still a work in progress. This Lego Duplo set is a perfect all-rounder, good for improving motor skills, group play and getting creative.

What age is DUPLO best for?

Here’s our pick of the best… If you have a child aged aged 1½ upwards, LEGO DUPLO is seriously fun for them to play with, as well as helping them with their motor skills, number skills, creativity and much, much more.

Why is LEGO DUPLO so expensive?

High-Quality Material. LEGO is made from thermoplastic, which is known for its strength and durability. The specific plastic, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a petroleum product. It means the raw material pricing is related to the price increase or decrease of crude oil.

Is DUPLO good for toddlers?

Lego Duplos are a wonderful toy for toddlers. Through planning, building, and pretend play, Duplos help toddlers develop important developmental skills—while having fun.

Is DUPLO suitable for 4 year old?

The answer is yes, but children may be curious about the blocks at different ages. Next: Lego Star Wars: Betrayal at Cloud City available now! While LEGO fans may be eager to introduce DUPLO bricks to their children at an early age, it seems that children will start enjoying DUPLO at around 18 months to 24 months.

Is DUPLO suitable for 1 year old?

A 12-month-old is probably too young to play with Duplos, but around 18 months old, your little one might be more interested in playing with building bricks. As with all toys, your toddler should be supervised when using Duplos.

What is the difference between DUPLO and Mega Bloks?

The bricks don’t stick together as tightly so it is easy for younger toddlers to take apart the bricks. If you don’t want to help pull apart blocks Mega Bloks are great. Mega Bloks are also slightly bigger than the Duplo bricks making them the perfect starting bricks for 1 to 2-year-olds.

Are LEGO DUPLO a choking hazard?

Lego Duplo sets are specifically designed for babies and toddlers. The pieces are bigger than regular-sized Legos, so they won’t pose a choking hazard.

What age do you switch from DUPLO to LEGO?

We started moving our son from Duplo to Lego at age 4. There was a significant overlap and he will still play with Duplo now (he is almost 6). We tend to concentrate on buildings since you tend to get the car kits for birthdays (he got two helicopters last birthday).

Can kids choke on DUPLO?

Sets with choking hazards are labeled as such. To my knowledge, there have been no reports of fatal incidents involving LEGO toys, nor invasive surgeries. DUPLO toys meet very high safety standards for younger children, if you’re concerned.