Is Luxilon 4G stiff?

Is Luxilon 4G stiff?

It is a really low-powered string that works well in a hybrid with a softer string such as natural gut or a multifilament. It is not a shaped string, but still offers really good snapback and spin. It is quite stiff so I wouldn’t say it is one to use if you are looking for a comfortable poly.

Is Luxilon 4G worth it?

Our playtesters were more than a little impressed with the control of Luxilon 4G. The excellent feel helped Chris dial in his shots. He said, “Along with spin, control was my favorite aspect of this string. I loved how I could take a big rip at the ball and keep everything within the lines.

Is Luxilon a good brand?

Luxilon are renowned for making some of the highest quality tennis strings on the market. Used by many touring tennis professionals the world over, their gut, multifilament and polyester strings are incredibly popular due to their playability and quality.

Is Luxilon 4G arm friendly?

Luxilon 4G offers its users a nice arm-friendly experience though and this is always a big bonus. You might well find multifilaments that are more comfortable than this string but you’re going to take a big hit in performance to achieve that.

What pros use Luxilon 4G?


  • Roger Federer.
  • Kei Nishikori.
  • Juan Martin del Potro.
  • Milos Raonic.
  • Gael Monfils.
  • Grigor Dimitrov.
  • David Goffin.
  • Feliciano Lopez.

How long do Luxilon strings last?

He said, “The playability duration was above average, lasting upward of two to three weeks. It’s not the longest lasting string, but tension maintenance and playability duration are things that Luxilon takes pride in, and they’ve nailed it with ALU Power.”

How long does Luxilon Alu last?

Is Luxilon owned by Wilson?

The company owns the brands Atec, DeMarini, EvoShield, Louisville Slugger, and Luxilon to provide sports equipment and protective gear for baseball, lacrosse, softball, and tennis.

Are Luxilon strings good?

Luxilon ALU Power does not disappoint when it comes to durability, one of the polyester category’s trademark features. Luxilon ALU Power stands out because it’s relatively hard to break, but it also does an excellent job maintaining tension, which helps extend the strings’ overall life.

Which tennis players use Luxilon 4G?

Do professional tennis players use gut strings?

The oldest type of tennis string on the planet is natural gut and it’s the string of choice for a lot of professional players including Roger Federer himself.

Which Luxilon string is best?

Our pick for the best polyester tennis string for 2020 is Luxilon ALU Power, which has developed a cult-like following and is widely popular on the ATP and WTA tours.