Is Platinol a chemo drug?

Is Platinol a chemo drug?

In some cases, health care professionals may use the trade name Platinol® and Platinol®-AQ, or other names such as CDDP, when referring to the generic drug name cisplatin. Drug Type: Cisplatin is an anti-cancer (“antineoplastic” or “cytotoxic”) chemotherapy drug.

What is the nadir for Platinol?

Nadir: Meaning low point, is the point in time between chemotherapy cycles in which you experience low blood counts. Nadir: 18-23 days. Recovery: 39 days.

What is Platinol used for?

Platinol (cisplatin) for Injection is a cancer medication used together with other medications to treat bladder cancer testicular cancer or ovarian cancer.

How CIS Platin can be used for cancer treatment?

Cisplatin binds to the N7 reactive center on purine residues and as such can cause deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage in cancer cells, blocking cell division and resulting in apoptotic cell death.

How long does chemo stay in your body after infusion?

It generally takes about 48 to 72 hours for your body to break down and/or get rid of most chemo drugs. But it’s important to know that each chemo drug is excreted or passed through the body a bit differently.

Is carboplatin a strong chemo?

In most cases it’s mild and goes away soon after treatment stops, although in some cases it can be permanent. If it’s severe, it may be necessary to reduce the dose of carboplatin or to stop it completely. If you have numbness or tingling, tell your treatment team so they can monitor the symptoms.

Why do we give mannitol with cisplatin?

Mannitol is an osmotic diuretic that increases urine output. It may be used before cisplatin to reduce the nephrotoxic effects of cisplatin. Not all institutions use mannitol for this purpose, and may use other methods such as administering prehydration and posthydration with saline and electrolytes.

What is the nadir for each drug?

Nadir: The lowest point. The nadir may refer, for example, to the lowest blood count after chemotherapy or the lowest concentration of a drug in the body.

Is Taxotere a good chemo drug?

Taxotere, also known as docetaxel, is a chemotherapy drug that doctors prescribe to treat several different cancers — most commonly, breast cancer. While the drug is effective at treating breast cancer, it is associated with several side effects, ranging from common skin reactions to very rare instances of leukemia.

What is the generic name for carboplatin?

Paraplatin is the trade name for Carboplatin. In some cases, health care professionals may use the trade name Paraplatin when referring to the generic drug name Carboplatin. Drug type: Paraplatin is an anticancer drug (“antineoplastic” or “cytotoxic”) chemotherapy drug.

How does CIS Platin work as a chemotherapy drug?

Cisplatin works by stopping the cancer cells from multiplying. It does this by binding together the strands of the cells’ genetic material, DNA. DNA is needed for growth and multiplication of cells. Cisplatin damages the DNA inside the cancer cells and so prevents them from multiplying.

Is paclitaxel the same as Taxol?

Paclitaxel is a chemotherapy drug. It is a treatment for many different types of cancer. It is also called Taxol.