Is STI College private or public?

Is STI College private or public?

They primarily cater to computer science and information technology education, but also offer other courses, such as business management and accountancy….STI College.

Kolehiyong STI
STI College
Type Private, for-profit studies, nonsectarian, coeducational (PSE: STI)
Established August 21, 1983

Is STI a good school for college?

This is a great college with phenomenal teachers. Teachers really care about their students. The classes are great, rooms are great, teachers are great and everything else. STI helped me get my first job I am now making lots of money thanks to STI.

Is STI college affordable?

This school is very affordable for the students because of their full scholarship program. System Technology Institute has a very advance laboratory facilities and all the professors are very intellectual.

Is there scholarship in STI?

STI provides scholarship grant on tuition fees for qualified members, family members, or dependents of the following government institutions.

What is STI College known for?

As a pioneer in modern education and now the Philippines’ largest network of colleges, STI has been known to provide practical and real-life education for 22 years now. Its unique academic system reflects its mission to develop individuals to become productive and valuable members of society.

Is STI college accredited?

As such, STI not only becomes the country’s first and only private institution, but also the first education institution to become accredited as a testing center for the ICDL. To date, only the National Computer Center (NCC), a government agency has been given the same official recognition.

Is CHED scholarship 2021 still available?

UPDATES: → CHED suspended the application for their merit scholarship programs for the academic year 2022–2023. (Source). TIP: If you want to apply next year, read this article carefully to learn more about the program eligibility and application requirements.