Is Tales of the Abyss better on PS2 or 3DS?

Is Tales of the Abyss better on PS2 or 3DS?

3DS: Faster load times, a LOT faster, PS2 load times are well-known for being abysmal and the 3DS remedies that issue; obviously the option to play the game with 3D enabled; not many save slots, in fact I believe there are only 4 slots. That’s about all I can think of really, in addition to what others have posted.

Can I play Tales of the Abyss on PC?

If you want multiplayer, play PS2 or PC, assuming you’ve got all the equipment ready to do multiplayer on PC. You’ll need a decent PC as well, nothing super special, but not 8-10 years old. 3DS version is a straight port, they didn’t add a thing.

Is Tales of the Abyss on steam?

Tales of the Abyss – Steam Games.

Is Luke a replica?

As in Tales of the Abyss, Luke is a replica of Asch and was raised as the real Luke.

How long is tales of the abyss?

When focusing on the main objectives, Tales of the Abyss is about 48½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 110 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How old is Fon Master?

Raise a Floppa – The Loop

Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Daath
Age 14 (Physically) 2 (Chronologically)

Does Luke like tear?

Throughout the game, Tear develops feeling for Luke. Everyone in the group seems to notice Tear’s feeling for Luke, except Luke himself. There have been many hints from the others to Luke that Tear likes him, but all of them seem to fly over Luke’s head. The duo has been made fun of by the others in the group.

How many GB is Tales of Xillia?

As often happens in Japan, 2chan has provided an early, low quality photo (honestly, guys, you invented the camera phone, get some better ones.) It reveals that 2,300 MB of space will need to be available on your PS3’s hard drive.

Who is Asch the Bloody?

Asch the Bloody (鮮血のアッシュ, Senketsu no Asshu?) is a God-General and an anti-hero in Tales of the Abyss. He is the 6th Division Commander of Special Operations within the Oracle Knights.

Which Tales game is hardest?

This is probably because Team Destiny always makes their games hard as sh**!. The hardest tales game to me are Destiny 2, Rebirth and Eternia. Eternia takes the cake because of the last boss and EX bossess.

What Tales game has the best story?

Most Tales fans agree that Vesperia is the best. That said, Tales of Symphonia is certainly the most iconic. Released as a GameCube exclusive in the West, Tales of Symphonia quickly became the most popular title in the series and still holds the record for highest sales.