Is the plural of roof roofs or rooves?

Is the plural of roof roofs or rooves?

In the U.S., roofs is the standard plural of roof; elsewhere rooves is fairly common but becoming less so. The same holds true for an increasing number of words ending in “f.”

Which is correct roofs or rooves UK?

Roofs is the plural of roof in all varieties of English. Rooves is an old secondary form, and it still appears occasionally by analogy with other irregular plurals such as hooves, but it is not common enough to be considered standard.

What is plural noun of roof?

roof. noun. \ ˈrüf , ˈru̇f \ plural roofs.

When did rooves become roofs?

Rooves as a plural for of roof is dated, but not incorrect. The Oxford English Dictionary lists “rooves” as an alternate to roofs, one of several outdated spellings used in the UK, and in New England as late as the 19th century. Um, as late as the 20th century, by my reading.

What is the plural of roof in the UK?

roof in British English (ruːf ) nounWord forms: plural roofs (ruːfs , ruːvz ) 1.

Which is correct hoofs or hooves?

Nouns that take an S or ES to become plural are called regular nouns and nouns that become plural some other way are called irregular nouns. So hoofs is a regular plural and hooves is an irregular plural.

Is there such a word as rooves?

Maybe it’s now considered archaic, and replaced by roofs, but rooves is a correct past tense of roof.

What’s meaning of rooftop?

Definition of rooftop : roof especially : the outer surface of a roof.

Is there a word rooves?

Rooves is an incorrect pluralization of the word roof and should be avoided. Today, the usage of rooves is so low as to approximate zero. Bryan Garner, in his book Garner’s Modern English Usage, estimates the disparity to be 535:1. In other words, there is only one correct plural form of roof—and it is roofs.

Is roof a countable noun?

noun, plural roofs. the external upper covering of a house or other building. a frame for supporting this: an open-timbered roof. the highest part or summit: The Himalayas are the roof of the world.

What is the plural of roof in a sentence?

– The primary beam of a roof, ridgepole; hence, the roof. [from 14th c.] – (figuratively) A home; household. – Examples:

Is the plural of roof pronounced rooves or roofs?

A roof is a structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle.

  • The top inner surface of a covered area or space; the ceiling.
  • Used to signify a house or other building,especially in the context of hospitality or shelter.
  • Cover with a roof.
  • Function as the roof of.
  • How do you spell roof?

    Since roofs is spelled with an F, like the word first, remember that roofs is the first word you should think of when you need a noun to refer to more than one roof. Summary. Is it roofs or rooves? Only one of these words is considered a correct plural form of the word roof. Roofs is the correct plural form.

    How to spell roof?

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