Is Unrealizing a word?

Is Unrealizing a word?

Unrealizing definition Present participle of unrealize.

Is Dhooti a word?

dho·ti. A garment consisting of a length of cloth that is typically wrapped around the waist, passed between the legs, and tucked in at the waistline, worn chiefly by Hindu men in India.

What does the word ingenuously mean?

1a : showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness her ingenuous thirst for experience— Christopher Rawson. b : lacking craft or subtlety ingenuous in their brutality. 2 obsolete : noble, honorable. ingenuous.

What’s the synonym of slothful?

The words indolent and lazy are common synonyms of slothful.

What’s another word for unrealized?

What is another word for unrealized?

latent dormant
immanent unfulfilled
innermost unacknowledged
intrinsic passive
vestigial abeyant

What does non realized mean?

Definition of unrealized : not realized: such as. a : not effected, accomplished, or fulfilled The project remains unrealized. unrealized desires unrealized potential. b : not turned into cash by sale the stock’s unrealized gains.

Is there such a word as dhoti?

Dhoti definition A loincloth worn by Hindu men in India, or the cloth used for it. A long loincloth worn by Hindu men in India.

What is sadhu called in English?

an ascetic holy man, especially a monk.

What’s another word for not genuine?

Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine. This word is derived from the word “Genuine”, which means true and real. Disingenuous is just the opposite of genuine.

What is a sloth in the Bible?

Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do, though the understanding of the sin in antiquity was that this laziness or lack of work was simply a symptom of the vice of apathy or indifference, particularly an apathy or boredom with God.

What is the opposite of slothfulness?

Opposite of not easily motivated to action or work. industrious. assiduous. diligent. determined.