Is Wild River Country shutting down?

Is Wild River Country shutting down?

Wild River Country has been closed, and its 30-acres of land unused, since 2019.

Why did Wild River Country get shut down?

In January 2005, Wild River Country was shut down by the state after failing to pay $170,000 in sales taxes. In November 2005, then-owner Halcyon Attractions filed for bankruptcy and listed $4.3 million in debts and $3.96 million in assets.

How long has Wild River Country been closed?

Wild River Country

Wild River County
Location North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Coordinates 34.818101°N 92.342620°W
Opened 1985
Closed 2020

Who owns Wild River Country?

JTS Capital 3 LLC, an affiliate of JTS Capital Group of Waco, Texas, recovered the North Little Rock water theme park at a $1.5 million foreclosure sale.

What is happening to Wild River Country?

Wild River Country has been closed since 2019, and now awaits the bulldozer blade and dump truck. The first order of business will be to clean up the derelict water park and raze its vandalized facilities. The Maly Group is also building a similar attraction in Conway off Dave Ward Drive.

When did Wild River Country Open?

1985Wild River Country / Opened

How many state parks are in Arkansas?

52 state parks
There are 52 state parks across The Natural State, so you can find one near you wherever you are.

How much is Wild River Country?

The 31-acre site is up for sale, priced at $2.9 million.

Are there any ghost towns in Arkansas?

This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in Arkansas, United States of America….List of ghost towns in Arkansas.

Town name Rush
Established 1880
Disestablished 1940
Current status Ruins
Remarks A zinc mining region of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

Why are Disney parks abandoned?

Disney has ditched several projects over the years, leaving the parks to decay naturally over time. River Country was the first water park at the Walt Disney Resort, but three children died there. Walt Disney World’s Discovery Island was left to rot in 1999 and has been untouched since.