Should Gewurztraminer be served chilled?

Should Gewürztraminer be served chilled?

Drinking Gewurztraminer. Chill the gewürztraminer. This fragrant wine is best enjoyed at 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (12 to 15 degrees Celsius). Use a wine cooler to chill the wine to an exact temperature.

Is Gewürztraminer sweet?

Dry, semi-sweet, or sweetGewürztraminer / Sweetness of resulting wine

Where did Gewürztraminer originate?


What is another name for the Gewürztraminer grape?

Synonyms for Gewurztraminer Traminer Aromatico, Traminer Musqué, Traminer, Gentil Aromatique, Savagnin Rose Aromatique, Gelber Traminer.

How do you serve Gewurztraminer?

Try serving a dry or off-dry Gewürztraminer with a Moroccan chicken tagine, Thai crab curry, or Korean barbecue chicken wings. A decidedly sweet bottle complements a low-key fruit dessert such as apple strudel. Serve Gewürztraminer well-chilled in a white wine glass.

Is Riesling or Gewürztraminer sweeter?

Traditionally, Riesling is intended to be sweet – to balance out its acidity – although some modern varieties are drier. Gewürztraminer can be either dry, but is often made sweeter.

What does Gewürztraminer taste like?

What Does Gewurztraminer Wine Taste Like? As any wine academic will tell you, a quintessential late-harvest Gewurztraminer wine smells and tastes of lychee fruit. However, other tropical fruits such as pineapple and apricot are also common notes.

What kind of wine is Gewürztraminer?

white wine grape
Gewürztraminer is a white wine grape variety with pink skins. It is made into powerfully aromatic wines whose gold color is tinged with copper. The majority of gewürztraminer (sometimes shortened to “gewürz” or “vertz”) comes from Alsace, a warm, dry region on France’s border with Germany.

What do you pair Gewürztraminer with?

Pair Gewürztraminer with rich-fowl dishes like turkey, duck, or Foie Gras, along with egg dishes like quiche and omelets. You’ll also find that Gewurztraminer goes well with German dishes like pork chops, roasted ham, sausages loaded with sauerkraut, and wiener schnitzel.

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