Should I choose Felhound or infernal?

Should I choose Felhound or infernal?

The infernal is meant as a toy, not a constant pet. The felhound is a constant one. if its the level 35 warlock quest the reward is the same for both, doesnt matter wich one you choose. one makes you kill infernals for a drop, the other fellhounds.

Where can I get a Felhound?

In the Felhound quest, you are looking for a Felhunter that is in Desolace. There is one called a “Mana Eater”, and They are located around the Mannoroc Coven. TLOC 52,68.

What level do warlocks get felhunter?

level 30
The felhunter is a pet available to the warlock at level 30.

What level do warlocks get succubus?

level 28
Summon Succubus is a core warlock ability learned at level 28. It allows warlocks to summon a succubus minion under their command, existing until dismissed or killed.

How do you get a succubus warlock?

Once you have picked up the quest The Binding use the Dogran’s Pendant provided in the purple summoning circle just by Gan’rul Bloodeye. When you have defeated the Succubus hand in your quest to Gan’rul Bloodeye and he will reward you with a Small Soul Pouch and Teach Summon Succubus.

What Warlock pet is best?

What Pets/Demons Should I Use? In Dungeons and Mythic+, we recommend using/sacrificing the Felhunter, as interrupt is invaluable for such environments. This of particular importance in higher levels of Mythic+, as certain spells can cause wipes for the group.

Can males be Succubus?

An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies.

What is the best Warlock pet for dungeons?

Summon Succubus is the best leveling pet for Warlocks, as it deals the highest amount of damage and has a large mana pool that can be abused with Dark Pact. With Lesser Invisibility coupled with Seduction, the Succubus can also be a nasty surprise against attackers in World PvP who might think you’re alone.

Which Warlock pet has the highest DPS?

Succubus probably has the highest sustained DPS over a longer period of time. However, pet DPS isn’t really much of a thing for warlocks. Usually Voidwalker is best for soloing because it’s quite tanky, with a few select situations where Felhunter or Succubus may be better.

Which warlock minion does the most damage?

The Imp is a damaging minion in the warlock’s arsenal, at least until he runs out of Mana. At max level, the Imp is generally favoured by Destruction warlocks. [Consume Shadows], which is an out-of-combat self-heal for the Voidwalker. The Felguard is the most powerful permanent Warlock minion.

What is a Concubus?

Concubi (sing. concubus) are commonly referred to as “demons”, though their origins do not lie in Hell or any similar place. They are more akin to spirits with a human form.